Exhibitor list

Updated 26th January 2015

Customer Name Country Stand Number Web address
3M United Kingdom Plc UK 6120 Website
Access IS UK 1065 Website
Adecs Airinfra The Netherlands 6090 Website
ADELTE Airport Technologies Spain 3095 Website
ADPI France 5010 Website
ADPM France 5010
Aeroports de Paris France 5010 Website
Air Support Italy 4025 Website
Airbiz USA 2045 Website
Airport Research Center GmbH Germany 2030 Website
Alfyma France 5005 Website
All About Signs The Netherlands 5065 Website
ALSTEF Automation S.A. France 3005 Website
Altek Italia Design Srl Italy 5022 Website
ALYSIA Sureté France 5010
Amadeus IT Group S.A Spain 5095 Website
Amorph Systems GmbH Germany 2110 Website
Analogic Corporation Denmark 6066 Website
ANYLOGIC EUROPE France 2040 Website
Arconas Canada 2045 Website
ARH Inc Hungary 1075 Website
ARINC (Rockwell Collins) UK 4045 Website
Arup UK 8040 Website
Aviation Research Corporation USA 2125 Website
AviaVox BV The Netherlands 1010 Website
BAG2GO GmbH Germany 4070
bagLOGIX Limited UK 5037 Website
Baker Bellfield UK 2102 Website
BB Computerteknikk AS Norway 3105 Website
BCS Group New Zealand 4015 Website
Beontra AG Germany 2060 Website
BEUMER Group Denmark Website
BLIP Systems A/S Denmark 2105 Website
BNP Associates Inc USA 4085 Website
Bosch Security Systems B.V. Netherlands 6068 Website
British Aviation Group UK 7100 Website
B-Tech International Ltd UK 5031 Website
Bundesdruckerei GmbH  Germany 6065 Website
Cavotec International UK 6125 Website
CEIA S.p.A Italy 4080 Website
CIMC Airport Facilities China 3000 Website
Codic Spain 4010 Website
Cognitec Systems GmbH Germany 6065 Website
Concessionaire Analyzer+ Malta 6045 Website
Cotep France 1015 Website
Cowi A/S Denmark Website
Crisplant –  member of the Beumer Group Denmark Website
Custom Engineering SpA Italy 1045 Website
Daifuku Logan Ltd UK 4015 Website
Damarel Systems International UK 3100 Website
Dampa ApS Denmark Website
Danish Export Association Denmark 3025 / 4040 Website
Data Modul Germany 5090 Website
DESKO GmbH Germany 4065 Website
DSG Systems AS Norway 5045 Website
Eezeetags bv The Netherlands 5085 Website
Egis France 2020 Website
ELNO France 5025 Website
Embross Group Pty Ltd Australia 2012 Website
Epson Europe BV The Netherlands 2010 Website
ESP Global Services Ltd UK 1030 Website
Four Winds Interactive USA 1015 Website
Fulusco BV Netherlands 6125
Gate - German Airport Technology & Equipment Germany 2065 Website
Genetec France 4024 Website
Gentrack Limited New Zealand 5050 Website
Green Furniture Sweden 1070 Website
Grupo MCI Spain 8020 Website
Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd UK 3060 Website
Habasit AG Switzerland 7040 Website
HOK UK 5111 Website
Honeywell The Netherlands 2085 Website
Hub One France 5010 Website
HUB Performance France 5000 Website
IATA Canada Website
ICM Airport Technics Australia Pty Ltd Australia 2075 Website
IER Blue Solutions France 4035 Website
IHS Janes's Airport Review UK Website
IKUSI Spain 5100 Website
Indra Spain 7060 Website
Indy Associates Co., Ltd. Japan 1090 Website
INECO Spain 8060 Website
INFORM GmbH Germany 5102 Website
INTOS Interieurmakers bv The Netherlands 6040 Website
ISO Software Systeme GmbH Germany 1080 Website
ITW GSE ApS - Axa Power Denmark Website
JBT AeroTech UK 3065 Website
Kaba Gallenschuetz GmbH Germany 3015 Website
Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG Germany 4020 Website
L-3 Communications U.K., Ltd. UK 2090 Website
Lindner AG Germany 2062 Website
Lockheed Martin UK 2060 Website
LPT-it APS Denmark Website
Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH Germany 6065 Website
Materna Information and Communications Germany 3050 Website
Matteograssi srl Italy 2095 Website
MER Systems Croatia 7020 Website Norway 8050 Website
Modi Optical Solutions Germany 5034 Website
NACO, Netherlands Airport Consultants B.V The Netherlands 8080 Website
Navya France 6033 Website
NCR Corporation UK 7030 Website
NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH Germany 5035 Website
Net Display Systems Netherlands 6105 Website
Northrop Grumman UK 5055 Website
NOS srl Italy 2135 Website
Nurus Turkey 2070 Website
Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH Germany 2100 Website
OMK Design Ltd UK 1040 Website
Opto Security Canada 5070 Website
Pascall+Watson UK 7095 Website
PHP Real Airport Seating Systems Poland 5110 Website
PrehKeyTec GmbH Germany 7050 Website
Proavia France 4026 Website
Quintiq The Netherlands 7080 Website
RESA Airport Data Systems France 2055 Website
Rockwell Collins (ARINC) UK 4045
Royal Boon Edam International BV The Netherlands 5075 Website
Safe Solutions AS Norway 7015 Website
Safegate Group Sweden 5020 Website
Samsung Electronics South Korea 2000 Website
Scarabee Systems & Technology B.V. The Netherlands 6085 Website
secunet Security Networks AG Germany 6065 Website
SECURITY LABEL GmbH Germany 7010 Website
Selex ES Italy 1000 Website
Servicetec Airport Services International UK 7070 Website
Sick France France 5028 Website
Siemens AG Germany 1055 Website
Siemens SAS France 5038 Website
SIGNATURE Deutschland GmbH Germany 1100 Website
SIGNY Group Russia 8070 Website
Simple Way s.r.o Czech Republic 2115 Website
SITA Information Networking Computing B.V Spain 2050 Website
Sittig Industrie-Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG Germany 5090 Website
Smiths Heimann SAS France 4075 Website
SolariI Di Udine SpA Italy 3120 Website
Spikenet Technology France 2120 Website
SRI International Sarnoff USA 2080 Website
Stratime Composites Systemes France 5030 Website
Strulik GmbH Germany 3010 Website
Subway USA 3085 Website
TAV Information Technologies Turkey 3030 Website
TEKNIK DOKUM A.S. Turkey 4060 Website
Thales Italy 1085 Website
The Senator Group UK 3020 Website
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Spain 5112 Website
Trackitme United Arab Emirates 3070 Website
Triagonal Informationsdesign Denmark Website
Type22 The Netherlands 1035 Website
ULMA Manutencion S. Coop Spain 7005 Website
USM airportsystems AG Switzerland 8010 Website
Vaculex Sweden 3080 Website
Vancouver Airport Authority Canada 2092 Website
Vanderlande Industries The Netherlands 6075 Website
Via Guide Germany 4090 Website
VidTroniX LLC USA 2035 Website
Vision-Box Portugal 3108 Website
Vitra International AG Switzerland 5040 Website
Wattman Trains & Trams Inc. Canada 5105 Website
WO Airport Interior A/S Denmark Website
Wonderware Italia S.p.A Italy 6030 Website
WP | ARC Architects+Engineers Germany 2125 Website
XOVIS AG Switzerland 3110 Website
Zafire Aviation Software Ltd UK 1060 Website
Zoeftig UK 3035 Website
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