Exhibitor list


Updated 21 February 2018

For further information about exhibiting at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018 please contact Andrzej Smith, Managing Director, Passenger Terminal EXPO at andrzej.smith@ukimediaevents.com

Customer Name Country Stand Number Web address
2ndSense AirportCreators x 1669 Website
3DReid x 302
Access IS x 800 Website
Acorel x 620 Website
ADB SAFEGATE x 315 Website
Adecs Airinfra x 935 Website
ADELTE x 420 Website
ADP Ingénierie x 1767 Website
Aeroparker x 1680 Website
Aertec Solutions x 302 Website
AiQ Consulting x 302 Website
Airport 20/20 x 203
Airport Lounge Development x 1685 Website
Airport Passenger Services x 1420 Website
Airport Research Center GmbH x 1302 Website
Airport-Suppliers.com x 1790 Website
Airports International x 940 Website
Aislelabs Inc x 1657 Website
Alfyma x 920 Website
ALSTEF Automation S.A. x 320 Website
Amadeus IT Group SA x 301 Website
Amorph Systems GmbH x 530 Website
Analogic x 415 Website
Anton Air Support B.V. x 103 Website
AOE GmbH x 1818 Website
Architectural Glass Artworks Limited x 302 Website
Arconas x 900 Website
ArianeGroup x 1303 Website
Arup x 120 Website
Atkins x 302 Website
Atlas IED x 1150 Website
Avery Dennison x 1510 Website
Aviation Automation & Control Limited x 302
Aviation Media x 757 Website
AviaVox BV x 1304 Website
Aviova x 1590 Website
Azinq Ltd x 302 Website
Baker Bellfield x 1765 Website
BB Computerteknikk AS x 1025 Website
BBHS x 1635 Website
Beumer Group x 605 Website
Bisley x 1668 Website
BLIP Systems A/S x 203 Website
BNP Associates Inc x 602 Website
Bosch Security Systems x 302 Website
Bridge Technology, Inc x 760 Website
British Aviation Group x 302 Website
British-Irish Airports Expo x 302 Website
BURRI public elements AG x 1030 Website
Canard Drones x 1418 Website
Cart Technology Srl x 1570 Website
Casper x 225 Website
CASSIOLI Srl x 1672 Website
CAST x 1302 Website
Cavotec Sverige AB x 255 Website
CCD Design & Ergonomics Ltd x 302 Website
CCM airports equipment x 1772
CCM Technology x 1772
CEIA SpA x 1775 Website
Cherrypicks x 1661 Website
CHS Engineering Services Ltd x 302 Website
CIMC Airport Facilities x 242 Website
Clearpoint AB x 255 Website
Cloud Garden x 1760 Website
Cognex Germany Inc x 1315 Website
Cognitec Systems GmbH x 195 Website
Combitech AB x 255 Website
Concessionaire Analyzer+ x 203 Website
Confidex Ltd x 835 Website
Copenhagen Optimization ApS x 1135 Website
Cowi A/S x 1740 Website
CQRTS A/S x 245 Website
Crowd Vision x 240 Website
CU Phosco x 302 Website
Custom SpA x 802 Website
Daifuku Airport Technologies x 515 Website
Damarel Systems International x 1115 Website
Dan Dryer AS x 1130 Website
Datalogic SrL Italian Filial x 1671 Website
DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH x 1653 Website
DESKO GmbH x 418 Website
DIGICON S.A. x 308 Website
dormakaba x 310 Website
Dornier Consulting International GmbH x 1680 Website
Dyson Limited x 170 Website
E-Leather Ltd x 1656 Website
Eezeetags x 1120 Website
Egis x 260 Website
Elenium Group x 1780 Website
Eltel Networks Infranet AB x 255 Website
Embross x 1205 Website
Emulate3D Ltd x 820 Website
ESP Global Services Ltd x 1400 Website
ESP Sweden AB x 255 Website
EUROMATE BV x 1782 Website
Exruptive x 1635 Website
Extreme Air Products x 1659 Website
Fasttrack.aero x 440 Website
Fasttraxxx Ltd x 1300 Website
FeedbackNow x 1415 Website
FINBIN x 1535 Website
Fives x 1560 Website
Fjori Limited x 302 Website
Flight Solutions x 1300
Fraport AG x 1040 Website
GATE x 1662 Website
Gemalto x 1820 Website
Genetec x 615 Website
Gentrack Limited x 203 Website
Gerflor x 215 Website
Gosleep Oy x 1795 Website
Grab x 1651 Website
GrayMatter Software Services Oy x 1627 Website
Green Furniture x 900 Website
Grimshaw Architects LLP x 302 Website
Guangdong Shenling Environmental Systems Co., Ltd x 435 Website
Guinault x 532 Website
Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd x 505 Website
Habasit AG x 815 Website
Harris Corporation x 535 Website
Hengstler GmbH x 250 Website
Hitzinger GmbH x 1580 Website
HMXW arkitekter AB x 255 Website
Honeywell x 735 Website
Hong Kong International Airport x 105 Website
Huawei x 1810 Website
HUB Performance x 620 Website
Human Recognition Systems x 1763 Website
Hummel GmbH & Co KG x 1625 Website
I-SEC International Security BV x 1045 Website
IATA x 1520 Website
ICM Airport Technics x 715 Website
ICT.aero x 440 Website
ICTS Europe x 510 Website
IDEMIA x 422 Website
IER Blue Solutions x 205 Website
Ikusi S.L.U. x 1405 Website
INDRA x 100 Website
INECO x 1430 Website
Infologic Nederland BV x 1304 Website
INFORM GmbH x 1200 Website
Inmaquip Europa SL x 1418 Website
Inspired Surfaces x 302 Website
International Boarding Solutions SL x 1590 Website
INTOS interior solutions x 1202 Website
IP Security x 615
IRIS-GmbH Infrared & Intelligent Sensors x 760 Website
ISO Software Systeme GmbH x 1650 Website
ITW GSE ApS - AXA Power x 610 Website
Ivanovo Furniture Factory x 730 Website
Jacobs x 612 Website
JBT AeroTech x 1015 Website
JLC Group Limited x 302 Website
Johnson Controls x 302 Website
Kingspan Ltd x 302 Website
Koch + Partner Architekten Stadtplaner x 102 Website
Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG x 805 Website
L3 Security & Detection Systems x 1110 Website
Landleben x 1555 Website
Leadcom Seating x 1665 Website
Leidos x 1545 Website
Leighfisher x 612
Lekab Communication Systems AB x 1230 Website
Leonardo x 905 Website
LFV Aviation Consulting AB x 255 Website
LG Electronics x 115 Website
Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions x 104 Website
Lindner AG x 1655 Website
LocusLabs x 1651 Website
Logplan Europe Ltd x 122 Website
LPT-it APS x 1740 Website
Lune x 1760 Website
M2Mobi x 1304 Website
Mace Group x 302 Website
Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH x 1540 Website
MarshallAI x 925 Website
Materna Information and Communications x 1100 Website
Matrex x 1575 Website
Matteograssi x 1772 Website
MER Systems Ltd x 604 Website
Mexia Interactive x 1673 Website
Midstream Lighting Limited x 302 Website
Millar Management x 302 Website
missingx.com x 305 Website
MODI GmbH x 1750 Website
Moog Fernau Limited x 302 Website
Mott MacDonald x 160 Website
NACO, Netherlands Airport Consultants x 1658 Website
Nagaconcept x 620 Website
NapShacks x 1630
Navya x 525 Website
NCR Corporation x 300 Website
NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH x 220 Website
Nordic - Office of Architecture x 210 Website
Nordic MRO AB x 255 Website
Nurus x 810 Website
NXP Semiconductors Austria GmbH x 1633 Website
OAG Aviation Worldwide Limited x 104 Website
OBERMEYER x 102 Website
OMK Design Ltd x 1305 Website
Optex Europe Limited x 302 Website
Parsons x 1735 Website
Pascall+Watson x 803 Website
Patria Helicopters x 255 Website
PDC A/S x 175 Website
PHP Real Airport Seating Systems x 1815 Website
Plane Ground x 107 Website
Point FWD x 1768 Website
Poltrona Frau x 1005 Website
Pontarius AB x 255 Website
Practical Automation Inc x 1654 Website
PrehKeyTec GmbH x 1410 Website
Princeton Identity x 1779 Website
Qmetrix GmbH x 518 Website
Ramboll x 302 Website
Rapiscan Systems x 1525 Website
Regional Gateway x 430 Website
Regula Baltija Ltd x 909 Website
RESA Airport Data Systems x 200 Website
RIMOWA x 1100 Website
RIMOWA Electronic Tag x 1100 Website
Riyadh Airports x 1746
Rockwell Collins x 1000 Website
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG x 230 Website
Saab AB x 150 Website
Safe Solutions AG x 750 Website
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x 700 Website
Scarabee Aviation Group B.V. x 410 Website
Scott Brownrigg x 130 Website
SEIKODO Corp x 1515 Website
Selfcair x 110 Website
SEMAWORLD x 1638 Website
Sensec AB x 720 Website
Servicetec Airport Services International x 725 Website
SEW-EURODRIVE & Co KG x 740 Website
SiATM x 255 Website
Sick AB x 825 Website
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH x 1105 Website
Sika Ltd x 302 Website
Sileather x 1440 Website
Simpleway, Inc x 1660 Website
SITA x 500 Website
Sittig Industrie-Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG x 235 Website
Smart-Flows x 1215 Website
Smiths Detection x 720 Website
SNBC Europe BV x 1784 Website
Sojitz Corporation x 1766 Website
Staxi Corporation x 1435 Website
Strulik GmbH x 1555 Website
SURESCAN x 1645 Website
Sweco Structures x 255 Website
Swedavia AB x 1666 Website
Swedish Aviation Group x 255 Website
Swiss Innovation Lab x 248 Website
Systra Aviation x 1755 Website
TAV Operation Services Co. x 125 Website
Tecno SpA x 1778 Website
TEKNIK DOKUM A.S. x 1010 Website
Telair International AB x 255 Website
Teleste Corporation x 1301 Website
Tensator Limited x 1225 Website
Textron GSE x 255 Website
Thales x 520 Website
Thyssenkrupp Airport Systems x 1220 Website
Topsystem Systemhaus GmbH x 1590 Website
Tower Charge x 1565 Website
Trackitme x 755 Website
Transoft Solutions (Aviation) AB x 155 Website
Turner & Townsend x 302 Website
Ufirst S.r.L x 140 Website
ULMA Manutencion S. Coop x 1425 Website
Ultra Electronics Airport Systems x 1020 Website
Unimark x 937 Website
USM airportsystems AG x 907 Website
Vanderlande Industries x 910 Website
Via Guide GmbH x 518 Website
VidTroniX LLC x 145 Website
Vision-Box SA x 1652 Website
Vitra International AG x 1770 Website
Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH x 710 Website
WO Airport Interior x 425 Website
WSP x 1745 Website
XOVIS AG x 705 Website
Zafire Aviation Software Ltd x 135 Website
Zamar AG x 106 Website
Zoeftig x 400 Website


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It’s been fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of days. I’ve been amazed at how many common threads there have been going through the presentations
Rachel Crowley, Head of Corporate Relations, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Australia


20, 21, 22
March 2018





Tue 20 Mar - 10:00-18:30*
Wed 21 Mar - 10:00-18:30**
Thu 22 Mar - 10:00-15:00


Tue 20 Mar - 08:45-17:30
Wed 21 Mar - 09:00-17:30
Thu 22 Mar - 09:00-13:30

* Drinks Reception from 17:00 - 18:30
** Skytrax Awards from 17.30 – 18.30


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