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Michael Moran, General Manager, John F. Kennedy International Airport, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Mohamed Al-Katheeri, General Manager - General Aviation Airports, Abu Dhabi Airports

Federico Bonaudi, Policy Manager, ACI Europe Airports Council International

Antoine Rostworowski, Director, Airport Customer Experience and Technology, ACI World

Laurent Safar, CEO, Adaptive Channel

Claire Mazelet, Vice President Architecture and Engineering, ADPI Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie

Christer Wilkinson, Associate Vice President, Aecom

Harris Markopoulos, Manager Security and Emergency Services, Aegean Airlines

Juan Ramon Matas Sebastia, Head of Operations Planning Department, AENA

Barbara Melotti, Process Control, Quality and Facilitation Manager, Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna SpA

Tomaso Barilli, Environmental Manager, Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna SpA

Marcelo Mota, Director of Operations & COO, Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos SA

Aymeric Dussart, Director - Strategy and Business Data, Aéroports de Montréal

Philippe Laborie, Head of BHS operations, CDG, Aéroports de Paris

Elisabeth Le Masson, Member of the Board of Directors Hubstart Paris, Aéroports de Paris

Laure Baume, Executive Director, Aéroports de Paris

Guillaume Sauvé, Director of Engineering and Development, Aéroports de Paris

Antoine Thebault, General Project Manager, Aéroports de Paris

Sebastien Couturier, Senior Manager - Innovation, Aéroports de Paris

Mathieu Daubert, Retail Director, Aéroports de Paris

Erick Bouraï, Head of Aviation Security Policy, Aéroports de Paris

Melinda Souef, Senior Manager - Service Offering For PRM, Customer Quality Department, Aéroports de Paris

Patrice About, Director Ground Innovation, Air France - KLM Marketing

Giovanni Antinozzi, CEO, Airlogs

Ricky Leung, Deputy Director, Engineering & Technology, Airport Authority Hong Kong

Uta Kohse, Managing Partner, Airport Research Center

Sello Mmakau, Group Chief Information Officer, Airports Company South Africa

Florian Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer, Airsight GmbH

Nick Koudas, CEO, Aislelabs Inc

Markus Clabian, Senior Engineer; Coordinator FastPass, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Beverly Lewis, East Coast Regional Manager, Alaska Airlines

Alaistair Deacon, Airport Operational Systems Consultant,

Rommel Gavieta, Chief Operating Officer, All Asia Resources and Reclamation Corp

Yosuke Mabuchi, Director, All Nippon Airways Co Ltd

Paul Hoback, Senior Vice President, Facilities, Engineering & Maintenance, Allegheny County Airport Authority

Richard Belotti, Vice President, Planning, Allegheny County Airport Authority

April Meyer, Principal, Senior Terminal Designer, Alliiance

Carl Rogers, Head of Solution Design for Passenger Processing Services, Amadeus

Paul Amen, Manager - ATM and Airfield Operations PHX/LAX and Western US, American Airlines

Palmina Teta-Whelan, Managing Director, Real Estate & Facilities, American Airlines

Peter Mayerhofer, Chief Infrastructure Officer, AMG Airport Management Group

Marcel van Beek, Manager Sustainability & Innovation, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Albert van Veen, CIO, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Benno De Zwart, Project Director, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Léa Bodossian, Secretary General, ARC

Gerhard Schulz, General Manager Arcadis Ankara Branch, Arcadis

Pascal Garreau, Consultant, Arcandia Consulting

James Fazio, Chief Executive Officer, Aruba Airport Authority NV

Nikolaos Papagiannopoulos, Project Leader, Business Information Systems & Technology, Athens International Airport

Nektarios Psycharis, Supervisor Business Intelligence, Athens International Airport

Timothy Hudson, Aviation Practice Area Leader, Gensler

Graham Bolton, Global Aviation Development Director, Atkins

Todd Frew, Former First Assistant Secretary , Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship

Mari Peltomäki, Project Manager, Aviapolis/Airport Area Marketing Ltd

Paul Behnke, Senior Associate, Aviation Strategies International

Flemming Hølvold, Portfolio Manager Airport Terminal Systems, Avinor

Axel Laistner, Managing Owner, Axel Laistner Consulting

Maria Pou, Chief Executive Officer, B P & Partners

Bodapati Bhaskar, Senior Director - Finance & Support Services, Bangalore International Airport Limited

Francis Barich, Principal, Barich Inc

Anders Nielsen, CIO, Project and Development, Billund Airport

Damien Breier, Vice President, BNP Associates Inc

Paolo Sgroppo, Operations Director, Bologna Airport

Mark Stokes, Business Unit Manager, Brock Solutions

Kam Jandu, Chief Commercial Officer, Budapest Airport

David Kipp, Vice President - Technology Services, Burns Engineering

L A Christopher Armstrong, Director, Connections and Agency Readiness, Calgary Airport Authority

Noam Maitless, Associate Vice President, CallisonRTKL Inc

Sikander Jain, Managing Director - India, CH2MHill

Qianyi Yeo, Senior Associate, Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Chee Chiau Ong, Senior Vice President, Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Hock Lye Lee, Director and Head, Operations Development, Consultancy, Changi Airports International

Tiffany Green, Managing Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, Chicago Department of Aviation

Candace McGraw, Chief Executive Officer, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Brian Cobb, Vice President - Customer Experience, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Minna Honkanen, Project Manager, City of Vantaa

Shannon Chen-Yin Hsieh, Technical Specialist, Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC, ROC

Jou-jun Chen, Senior Technical Specialist, Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC, ROC

Goran Jandreoski, Director General, Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia

David-Ioan Ciceo, CEO, Cluj International Airport

A M Shabeer, Executive Director, Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL)

Oliver Reindl, CIO, Cologne Bonn Airport

Ulrich Stiller, Director Marketing & Sales, Cologne Bonn Airport

Athanasios Titonis, Managing Director, Cologne Bonn Airport

Philip Weake, Managing Director, Compass International Media

Beau Vanderford, Airport Manager, Copa Airlines

Hiosvany Muina, North America Airport Regional Manager, Copa Airlines

Louise Brix-Hansen, Senior Project Manager, Copenhagen Airports

Kristian Durhuus, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Copenhagen Airports

Esben Kolind, Head of Operational and Business Analysis, Copenhagen Airports

Jesper Jacobsen, Senior Project Manager, Copenhagen Airports

Henriette Joost, Head of IT Asset Management, Copenhagen Airports

John Trupiano, Principal, Corgan

David Holm, Director Architect, Cox Architecture

Jeremy Corfield, Partner, CPI

Henrik Rothe, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University

Melissa Furze, Vice President of Data & Analytics, DAA

Neil Moran, Dublin Airport Terminals Asset Manager, DAA

Alan Black, Vice President/Director of Public Safety, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Jim Parashos, Director Operations & Customer Experience, Darwin International Airport

Patricia Ryan, CEO, Decision Services International LLC

Christine De Lille, Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology

Ashwani Khanna, Vice President, Delhi International Airport P Ltd

Charles Sitkoff, Manager - Security Intelligence & Risk Assessment, Delta Air Lines

Arun Vemury, Director, Apex Air Entry/Exit Re-engineering Program, Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate

Heidrun Holin, Project Manager Product Management, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Kerstin Meraner, Customer Experience, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Michael Dinar, President, DFA Brasil

Karen Kavanagh, VP - Planning Department, DFW International Airport

Stephen Shaffer, Chief Information Officer, DFW International Airport

Erik Grunewald, Project Manager, DLR German Aerospace Center

Velissarios Eleftheriou, A-CDM Implementation Manager, Dubai Airports

David Philipson, Head of Terminal Development, Dubai Airports

Satyaki Raghunath, Head - Master Planning, Dubai Airports

Robert Whitehouse, Director of Capacity Planning, Dubai Airports

Peter Moore, Director of Development - Design, Dubai Airports

Kiran Merchant, CEO, Merchant Aviation

Roberto Castiglioni, Chair, Airport Experience Group - ESAAG, Easyjet Special Assistance Advisory Group

Tom Ruth, President & CEO, Edmonton International Airport

Jerry Angrave, Founder, Empathyce Customer Experience

Divya Vasudeva, Senior Environmental Consultant, Envisa

Ciarán Carolan, Research and Development Officer, eu-LISA

Rachel Burbidge, Environment Policy Officer, Eurocontrol

Denis Huet, Senior Expert, Eurocontrol

Jean-Louis Colson, Head of Unit, European Commission

Larry Leung, Director, Experience The Skies

Noormah Mohd Noor, Chief Executive Officer, Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd

Patrick Magnotta, Assistant Manager, Airport Planning and Environment, Federal Aviation Administration

Maximillian Ferreira, Air Traffic Controller, Federal Aviation Administration

Harry Lehmann, General Director, Environmental Planning and Sustainability Strategies, Federal Environment Agency (UBA)

Eduardo Lima, Researcher, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Robert Mckinley, Airport Operations Specialist, Fidato Corporation

Emanuel Fleuti, Head of Environment, Flughafen Zürich AG

Giovanni Russo, Head of Planning & Engineering, Flughafen Zürich AG

Cees de Vos, Independent Consultant, Foxies Consult

Stefan Aepli, Partner, Francl Architecture

Andreas Deistler, Senior Project Manager Consulting, Fraport AG

Thomas Kirner, Vice President, Fraport AG

Sven Arzt, Project Director Airport Consulting, Fraport AG

Wolfgang Pelzer, Information & Telecommunication Vice President Application Development ERP, Disposition and Management Systems, Fraport AG

Rolf Felkel, VP Airside, Landside & Security Applications, Fraport AG

Alexander Larisch, Project Director, Fraport AG

Kai Wendler, Senior Manager Process and Checkpoint Management, Fraport AG

Ralf Przyrembel, Capacity Management, Fraport AG

Klaus Jeschke, Project Director, Fraport AG

Andreas Montag, Senior Project Manager, Fraport AG

Christopher Schlick, Deputy Director, Fraunhofer FKIE

Alexander Nouak, CEO, Fraunhofer ICT Group, Chair EAB

Bert Kaebisch, Dipl.-Chem., Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology

Abhilash Chacko, Head of IT Commercial, Gatwick Airport Ltd

Guy Marguet, Coordination Projects & Methods, Genève Aéroport

Brian Ryks, CEO, Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority

Karl-Heinz Keller, Business Manager / Airports & TAM, German Aerospace Center / AT-One

Alessandro Fidato, Infrastructure Development & Flight Operations Director - Accountable Manager, GESAC SpA

Michele Miedico, Head of Engineering Department, GESAC SpA

Milda Manomaityte, Director, Global AirRail Alliance

John Newsome, Director of Information Technology, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Brian Engle, Director of Customer Service, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Pat Neville, Vice President, Airport Planning and Technical Services, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Howard Eng, President & Chief Executive Officer, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Sean Sutton, IT Manager, Customer Experience Programs, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Kenneth Rosvang Guldbjerg, Vice President Commercial, GVK Indonesia

Peter Spurway, VP, Airport Experience, Halifax Stanfield International Airport

David Pendlebury, Manager Security Facility Support, Hamad International Airport

Peter Kruger, Senior Manager - Strategy and Facility Development, Hamad International Airport

Suhail Kadri, Vice President, Information Technology, Hamad International Airport

Vivica Brown, Assistant General Manager - Commercial, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Charles Marshall, Airport Engineering Manager, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Eric Kaler, Director of Security, Hawaiian Airlines

Mark Walker, Consultant for Automation and Self-Service Projects, Heathrow Airline Operators Committee (AOC) Limited

David Bunn, Senior Project Manager, Heathrow Airport Ltd

George Efkolides, Head of Research, Data & Reporting, Heathrow Airport Ltd

Chris Annetts, Commercial Passenger Services Director, Heathrow Airport Ltd

Richard Walker, Project Manager, Heathrow Airport Ltd

Jenny Clegg, Head of Customer Relations & Service T2, Heathrow Airport Ltd

Darren Colderwood, Project Delivery Director T3/T5, Heathrow Airport Ltd

Brian Woodhead, Commercial Director, Heathrow Airport Ltd

Heini Noronen-Juhola, Vice President, Helsinki Airport/Finavia Oyj

J Lee Glenn, Director of Aviation Design, HKS Inc

Thomas Rossbach, VP Director of Aviation Architecture, HNTB Corporation

Al Lyons, Firmwide Director of IT & Electronic Systems, HOK

Anthony Leslie, Vice President, HOK

Alexandria Perotti, Project Executive, Holt Construction

David Blunkett, Chair, Easyjet Special Assistance Advisory Group, House of Lords

Steven Andersen, Executive Program Manager, Houston Intercontinental Terminal Redevelopment Program, Houston Airport System

Jarrett Simmons, Assistant Airport Director, Houston Intercontinental Terminal Redevelopment Program, Houston Airport System

Rudolf (Rolf) Doerpinghaus, President, International Association for Sustainable Aviation eV

Anne Carnall, Global Implementation Manager, Fast Travel, IATA

Guido Peetermans, Project Manager, Smart Security, IATA

Andrew Price, Head of Airport Operations Management, IATA

David Stewart, Head of Airport Development, IATA

Jurgen Renner, Senior Manager - IATA Airport Consulting, IATA

Mehmet Emin Atak, Master Planning & Development Manager, IGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş - Istanbul New Airport

Trevor Carnahoff, COO, IGA Havalimanı İşletmesi AŞ - Istanbul New Airport

Ülkü Özeren, Environmental and Sustainability Director, IGA Havalimani İşletmesi

Richard Jackson, Director of Data, Analytics & Risk Visualisation, IHS

Chul-min Koo, Senior Manager, Incheon International Airport

Chaiwoo Lee, Director of Airport Business Consulting Team, Incheon International Airport

Ja-Hwan Kang, CS Manager, Incheon International Airport

Juan Francisco García López, Innovation and Strategy Manager, Indra

Florian Forster, Head, Immigration and Border Management (IBM), International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Solomon Wong, Executive Vice President, InterVISTAS

Stanley Tse, Senior Manager, Process Planning, InterVISTAS

Jean-Marc Bourreau, COO, IOS Partners

Michael Ruff, Deputy Director General of Information Systems, Israeli Airports Authority (IAA)

Yair Harry Gannot, Director Aviation Safety, Israeli Airports Authority (IAA)

Hansjochen Ehmer, Professor and Researcher, IUBH Bad Honnef + DLR

Jeff Fitzgerald, Principal, Jacobs

John Mok, Principal - Aviation, Jacobs

James Welna, Consultant, James J Welna Consultant

Kentaro Kimura, Assistant Manager, Japan Airport Terminal Co Ltd

Hatsumi Sugiyama, Assistant, Japan Airport Terminal Co Ltd

Michael Ferreira, VP Development - Aviation & Transportation, Jensen Hughes

Jean Salomon, Principal, JSCP

Gunnhildur Vilbergsdottir, Commercial Manager, Keflavik Airport

Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson, Deputy Terminal Director, Keflavik Airport

Margarita Uña Borràs, Experience Designer, KLM

Tiddo Veldhuis, Director Product Strategy, KLM

Ronald Augustin, Deputy Senior Vice President, KLM

António Manuel Lopes Gomes Ribeiro, Architect/Director, KUBOAZUL - Arquitectura e Consultoria, Lda

Sergio Bonora, CEO, Laboratori Guglielmo Marconi SpA

Zeev Nativ, Division Manager, Liacom Systems Ltd

Andrew Dutton, Head of Environment, Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Kevin Hightower, Senior Technical Lead, Transportation, Lockheed Martin

John Bissett, Director, Global Airports, Lockheed Martin

Campbell Kennedy, Founder/CEO, LocusLabs

David Ruiz-Celada, Airport Capacity Planner, London City Airport

Christopher Wright, Process Improvement Director, London City Airport

Aura Moore, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles World Airports

C T Miller (by video), Executive Director, Louisville Regional Airport Authority

Graeme Ferguson, Business Development Director, Manchester Airport Group

Graham Stubbs, Head of Security Compliance, Manchester Airport Group

Giulio Leucci, Head of Commercial Bidding - M&A, Manchester Airport Group

Andrew Nicholson, Global Security Director, MedAire

Richard Gomez, Vice President of Education, MedAire

Gary Warren, Vice President, Planning, Development, and Environment, Metropolitan Airports Commission

Christine Vitt, VP Strategic Planning and Sustainability, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

Glenn Tinley, President & CEO, Mexia Interactive

Maurice Jenkins, Director, Information Systems and Telecommunications, Miami Dade Aviation Department

Daniel Agostino, Assistant Aviation Director, Operations, Miami-Dade Aviation Department

Doug Cooley, Vice President, Michaud Cooley Erickson

Curtis Grad, President, Modalis Infrastructure Partners Inc

Daniel Burkard, Director Non-Aviation Development, Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Rajeev Jain, Chief Executive Officer, Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd

Rekha Nair, Head Airport Services, Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd

Wilhelm Sepp, IT Governance and Strategy, Munich Airport

Arturo Garcia-Alonso, International Business Consultant, Munich Airport

Hermann Blomeyer, Vice President, Munich Airport

Michael Zaddach, Senior Vice President Information Systems (CIO), Munich Airport

Martina Dauner, Project Manager Terminal Planning and Simulation, Munich Airport

Gerard van der Veer, Architect, NACO, Netherlands Airport Consultants

Tim van Vrijaldenhoven, Director Masterplanning & Building Design, NACO, Netherlands Airport Consultants

Yuzo Koike, Supervisor, Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA)

Masahiro Ihashi, Manager, Airport Planning Office, Planning Department, Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA)

Yuichi Nakada, Senior Manager, Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA)

Vernice Walkine, President & Chief Executive Officer, Nassau Airport Development Company

Craig Leiner, Transportation Coordinator, Natick Community Services Department

Andy Shand, GM Customer Affairs, NATS

Hiroki Kitabayashi, Director, New Kansai International Airport Company Ltd

Kazuyuki Shibuya, Assistant Director, New Kansai International Airport Company Ltd

Koji Ishikawa, Executive Officer, New Kansai International Airport Company Ltd

Ken Yoshioka, Assistant Director, New Kansai International Airport Company Ltd

Filip Soete, Chief Commercial Officer, Nice Cote d'Azur Airport

Richard Brown, Managing Director, North Star Consultancy

Steven Wheeler, Director - Aviation Services, OCS Group UK Limited

Alan Newbold, Director Digital, Transport, Ove Arup and Partners Ltd

Charlotte Hurlow, Associate, Airport Development, Ove Arup and Partners Ltd

Susan Baer, Global Aviation Leader, Ove Arup and Partners Ltd

Julian Carlson, Director, Pascall+Watson

David Green, Principal, Global Practice Leader, Perkins+Will

Newton De Souza, General Manager Customer Delivery & Transformation, Perth Airport

Hoi-see Song, Founder & CEO, Plaza Premium Group

Petr Malovec, Head of Department - National Border Situation Centre, Police of the Czech Republic - Directorate of Alien Police Service

Lionel Kapus, Terminal Operations Manager, Port Moresby International Airport

Vince Granato, Chief Operating Officer, Port of Portland

Elizabeth Leavitt, Director of Aviation Planning & Environmental Programs, Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

David Tomber, Aviation Planning Program Manager, Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Suzy Kartokromo, Manager - Marketing & Customer Service Department, Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company NV

Marcel Dreef, Director Aviation Planning Solutions, Quintiq

Roelof-Jan Steenstra, Chief Executive Officer, Red Deer Regional Airport Authority

Rupert Johnston, Director, Risk and Resilience

Andrew Tyley, Associate Partner, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Ralphy Speier, Senior Strategic IT Consultant, RS & Co. IT Consultants

Fredrik Lindblom, Product Manager CDM & Efficiency Solutions, Saab

Woojin Choi, Head of Aviation Business, Samsung C&T

Brendan Reed, Environmental Sustainability Programme Manager, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Jeff Rasor, Director, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Andrea Geretto, Marketing and Commercial Director - Non-Aviation, SAVE - Venice Airport

Luigi Battuello, Head of Non-Aviation Sales, SEA

Giorgio Medici, Head of Customer Care and Quality Control, SEA SpA

Sandeep Goel, Principal Architect, SGA Design Lab

Niall Maloney, Airport Operations Director, Shannon Airport Authority Ltd

Catherine Fankhauser, Sales Director, Identity Security Solutions, SICPA SA

Etienne van Zuijlen, Head of Business Development - Airport Operations, SITA

Jerry Zeephat, Product Manager, SITA

Catherine Mayer, Vice President, SITA

Goran Isakovski, Associate Solution Designer, SITA

Bruce Rieser, President, SKR Consulting LLc

Michael Sewards, CEO, SkyBus

Carmen Feijoo Fernandez, Responsible for Behaviour Detection Project, Spanish Guardia Civil

Stanis Smith, Executive Vice President, Stantec

Neville Hay, Detective Sergeant, Special Branch, Sussex Police

Josef Schmitz, Vice President Travel Solution Consulting, T-Systems International GmbH

John Tiliacos, Vice President of Operations and Customer Service, Tampa International Airport

Chui-Lung Chang, Chief Engineer, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation

Annie Lee, Staff, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation

Yuan-Hung Ting, Deputy Manager, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation

Xiang-Ting Huang, Staff, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation

Ali Haydar Ozak, TAV Abu Dhabi Area Director & Midfield Terminal Building Project Director, TAV

Aslihan Cortuk, Marketing Director, TAV Airports Holding

Philipp Ahrens, Director Project Team Satellite, Terminal 2 Management Company Munich Airport

Martin Augustin, Head of Processes, Terminal 2 Management Company Munich Airport

Michael Cardash, Senior CIED Analyst, Terrogence Ltd

Shai Arbel, CEO, Terrogence Ltd

Paul Brugger, Founder and CEO, TIC Ltd

Yusaku Kuhara, Vice President Customer Services and CS Office, Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation

Art Kosatka, CEO, TranSecure

Christopher Moody, Business Development Director, Transport Systems Catapult

Peter Fiddy, Head of Aviation Security Compliance, UK Civil Aviation Authority

James Fremantle, Consumer Enforcement Manager, UK Civil Aviation Authority

Elena Carrington, Manager of Geo-Political Intelligence and Analysis, United Airlines

Carlos Faxas, Manager, New Technology and Digital Concepts, United Airlines

Mark Zessin, Director of Baggage Strategy and Performance, United Airlines

Hans Jakob Schindler, Acting Coordinator Al-Qaida/Taliban Monitoring Team, United Nations Security Council

Anthony Loui, Team Leader/Community Planner, United States Department of Transportation

Miquel Angel Piera, Professor, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Donald Zoufal, Instructor, University of Chicago

Cleatus Hunt, Area Port Director, US Customs and Border Protection

Jakup Sverri Kass, CEO, Vagar Airport

Nancy Baggio, Manager, Engineering Planning, Vancouver Airport Authority

Nancy Stern, Architect, Vancouver Airport Authority

Tobias Finke, Manager, Airport Terminal Projects, Vancouver Airport Authority

Christopher Gilliland, Manager, Innovative Travel Solutions, Vancouver Airport Authority

Marion Town, Director of Environment, Vancouver Airport Authority

Michael Zach, Managing Director City Airport Train, Executive Assistant to the COO, Vienna International Airport

Douglas Stolls, Manager of Guest Relations, Central Baggage, Continuous Improvement, Virgin America

Geraldine Lundy, Passenger Accessibility Manager, Virgin Atlantic Airways

Miguel Leitmann, CEO, Vision-Box

Richard Spencer, Design Director - Aviation, Woods Bagot

Patric Przeradzki, Architect, Woods Bagot

Steven B Cornell, Director, Manager of Projects, Turner & Townsend

Kung Ping Lin, General Manager, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

Andrew Marsh-Patrick, Associate Director, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

Cristiano Ceccato, Associate Director, Zaha Hadid Architects

The conference opens new perspectives
Lea Bodossian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference, Belgium