2010 Show feedback

Passenger Terminal EXPO 2010, Brussels

Lee Seow Hiang, CEO, Changi Airports Group, Singapore: “This is a great conference, it brings some of the top experts together - airport management representatives, technology firms and suppliers, I've always found this conference exciting because of that. It's a great investment of time...a great event.”

Paul Kehoe, CEO at Birmingham International Airport, UK: “The conference is a great place for making contacts and meeting people – and also for gaining knowledge. One of the things I have to do as a Chief Executive is to challenge my managers on the way they do things. And coming here opens your mind; you talk to people, build your knowledge base up and take that knowledge away with you.”

Hari Marar, Chief Operations Officer, Bengaluru International Airport, India “The conference at Brussels was an exceptionally well organised event, with high quality participation both in terms of speakers and attendees. The topics covered were relevant and insightful. The organisation itself was excellent in terms of conference aids, sticking to deadlines, and logistics. Personally, as a speaker, the quality of inputs, guidelines and directions provided were of the highest quality, and not once did I ever have to ask for clarifications. The clarity and thoroughness of all speaker communication deserves much kudos.”

Ken Buchanan, EVP-Revenue Management, DFW International Airport, USA: “I was invited to speak at the PTE 2010 conference, representing DFW International Airport. It was the first time to ever attend this conference and found it to be an outstanding networking event. Having the opportunity to meet and speak with decision makers from other airports around the world, as well as address a wide-range of topics that are always of high importance was a great experience. Thanks.”

Moty Grossman, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at C-True, Israel: “People’s reactions here at the Expo have been really enthusiastic – this is the second year that we are exhibiting. Last year in London we had a lot of success and this year in Brussels has been even better. We’ve had a lot of attention from industry professionals. The organisation of the exhibition is far superior to all other exhibitions we’ve had in the last twelve months – this is the best.”

Kristina Dores, Aerodrome Operations & SMS Expert at Kabul International Airport, ICAO, Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, Afghanistan: “Outstanding conference . . . excellently organized with a substantial agenda and top-notch participants bringing global perspectives. We’ll plan for this next year.”

Max Philipp Conrady, Senior Executive Manager, Fraport AG, Germany: “The PTE 2010 gave me a great opportunity to get an overview of all the issues concerning aviation business. I have been able to discuss in detail topics like airport development with colleagues as well as getting a first view on innovations in airport business. So, it's a must-attend event!

Curtis Grad, CEO at Queen Alia Airport, Jordan: “What we’ve been doing is sharing our experience of how when you are operating an existing airport and developing a new one, challenges arise but so do the opportunities. People have been very eager to show their interest in investing in our new building. There is as much to learn as there is to share and we’ve come to the right place for that. The Expo gives us the opportunity to listen to other’s experiences, learn from them and create stronger relationships with key vendors.”

Marcia Castillo, Human Resources Manager at Alaska Airlines, Seattle, USA: “It was really important for us to attend as we get the chance to network with airlines from all over the world. Even though we may have different values from your company, every person brings something different; everyone is unique. Once you get your head around the diversity that the conference fosters, you realise the potential it offers to have the kind of rich conversations that help your company grow.”

Alex Bradley, Development Leader at BAA, UK: “A must see event for the commercial aviation industry. The ability to discuss and see new industry innovations and operational best practice with peers is extremely helpful.”

Michael Healy, P. Eng., Vice President of Infrastructure and Technology at Halifax International Airport, Canada: “I’m a regular attendee at Passenger Terminal Expo. As I’m responsible for the capital program, it’s great to see what the future trends are for airport design and airport configuration. Each year the focus changes at the conference, as it keeps up with the trends. As we are redeveloping a terminal, it gives us the knowledge that helps us move with the times. I’ve found the people from the airports in Europe and Asia that come to this forum tend to be leaders in the field – and we are interested in being at the leading edge.”

Paul Behnke, Senior Business Advisor at Airports Council International (ACI), Switzerland: “This event has great attendance – and it’s the best place for us to present what we do to an international audience. During our presentation we’ll be discussing our training programme that we’ve adopted at our airports. We’ll be talking to many airports that haven’t experienced the programme.”

Dr. Panagiotis Karamanos, Manager of Environmental Services at Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, Greece: “The high attendance at the Environment Session of the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2010 lead to interesting discussions and meaningful conclusions about the way the aviation industry should meet environmental challenges. It was a great conference.”

Sang Ho Lee, Manager at Incheon International Airport Corporation, Korea:
“I attended the global Passenger Terminal Expo 2010 as a conference delegate and got a really good impression from this conference. It was well organized with informative programmes.”

Claudia Ristow, Director Ground Operations IT Solutions, Lufthansa German Airlines, Germany: “The presentations have been really interesting and it’s always good to see what companies in the airline industry have to offer. There’s been some developments worth paying attention to. The Expo is very focused on my field of expertise, which is information technology. It’s my responsibility to support optimised IT systems so it’s important to know what’s coming up in the field as well as in IT.”

Pirjo Lahteela, Head of Passengers & Airlines, Finavia Corporation, Finland: “Excellent networking opportunities.”

Harkaan Anderson, Airports Director at Unisys, Sweden: “It’s a great networking opportunity with our partners, many of whom are here. We have had several customer meetings here so it’s a productive and worthwhile experience for us. We try to attend every year and this is probably the most important industry conference.”

Noura AL-Baloushi, Architect, Supervision Committee for the Expansion of Abu Dhabi International Airport (SCADIA), UAE : “It was a great experience for me to attend “Passenger Terminal Conference 2010” and I learned a lot from it.”

Volker Wendefeuer, Executive Director at Cairo Airport, Egypt: “We’ve come to the event for the networking; it’s a group of people that meet and exchange details and it’s always good to hear what the others are doing. It’s a great place for hearing opinions and learning how the industry changes and develops. It’s good to hear how others in the industry are doing, to share knowledge and experiences.”

Fernando Coelho, Head of Department, INAC - Portuguese CAA, Portugal: “The most well organized event I have had the opportunity to take part in. The professionalism shown by those involved was excellent and the experience and knowledge exchanged among speakers and the audience was a valuable asset to me. It was a unique opportunity to listen to top experts in the aviation security branch and to be kept up-to-date with some of the state-of-the-art technology in the exhibition hall.”

Vikram Seth Mumbai, General Operations Manager at Mumbai International Airport, India: “There are plenty of networking opportunities here. Each problem has a different solution. We come here to find new solutions and answers to the challenges we face.”

Luc Heynderickx, Support Manager Passenger & Customer Services, The Brussels Airport Company, Belgium: “PTE 2010 at Brussels was once more a very good and well organized event with a full exhibitors' hall. PTE again handled very interesting topics related to the air industry and in particular views for the future were addressed to the audiences. I experienced lots of networking opportunities in terms of speakers and representatives at the various exhibitor stands. It is very useful to have a look and feel of the products in the hall and making time to share views with fellow speakers. Congratulations for the great work for this leading international conference and exhibition.”

Aarti Rajkomar, Manager Human Resources at Airports of Mauritius Co Ltd, Mauritius:
The conference was very interesting and I very much enjoyed the talks on ‘crisis communication’ and ‘the key link between great employees and great customer service’.  It was also a good opportunity to learn more about the latest development in the Passenger Terminal environment.

Susanne Hermann, Manager Traffic Operations, Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH, Germany: “As always, an extremely well organized conference, very interesting presentations covering a wide field with a lot of best practices in use at many airports. A huge range of exhibitors with state-of-the-art knowledge. Passenger Terminal Expo will be a ‘must attend’ next year also.”

Teoh Eng San, Project Manager, Changi Airport Group, Singapore: “I enjoy the opportunity to meet colleagues from different parts of the world coming together to share their experience, knowledge, new processes and technology.”

Dries Devanchel, Head of Industrial Technology Development at Brussels Airport, Belgium:
“There are a lot of new technologies that we need to implement and a lot of new challenges. Things move fast in our industry and Passenger Terminal Expo is the place to keep up with it all.”

Hans Schöpe, Director Product Management, Baggage Inspection Systems at Smiths Detection, Germany: “We’ve made some very good contacts and built upon our relationships with existing customers and also with new customers. We are more than satisfied with the Expo and what it has done for us.”

Giuseppe Rizzo, Programme Manager, European Commission, Directorate General for Mobility & Transport, Belgium: “I was impressed by the painstakingly detailed, year-long organization and more in general by the huge size of the event. Whilst there I deliberately chose to follow also some subjects which are quite far from my specialisation in order to broaden my horizons and I found it very interesting indeed! I only regret I could not be ubiquitous and follow multiple presentations at once, so at times the choice was quite hard!”

Peter Spurway, Vice President at Halifax International Airport Authority, Canada: “The conference is remarkable for the quality of questions that we receive and the people we meet, who come from all over the world. The networking opportunities are immense – we can learn a lot by talking with each other in the break times, and during the reception. It’s wonderful how you can make a connection very quickly. A lot of us are facing the same issues; and we’re looking for similar answers. To gather so many industry leaders in one place at one time creates a wealth of networking opportunities. And the presentations and trade show put the latest and greatest on display.”

Poalo Cambula, Head of Planning and Development Infrastructures at Aeroporti di Roma SpA, Italy: “For me Passenger Terminal 2010 was fantastic because in every session there was very good organisation and quality of speakers, it has been an excellent experience. I found the airport planning and development session very interesting and rich in content. The conference covered all the issues relating to this topic, including integrating, design, and simulations around the world. The three-day event was an excellent networking opportunity and I discovered how other airport professionals are addressing the challenges and opportunities.”

Emanuel Fleuti, Head of Environment at Flughafen Zürich AG, Switzerland: “I enjoyed the opportunity in the session to exchange our experiences in airport environmental programmes and compare our work. The conference again provided an invaluable platform to identify the latest developments in the industry.”

Andy Blackwell, Head of Aviation Security at Virgin Atlantic Airways, UK: “We had excellent feedback and audience participation was great too. People were keen to ask lots of questions and the panel members were able to impart some very good information that was helpful for people to take away. We’ve got to share experiences and this is the best part of the conference. The wide range of topics under discussion puts the conference at an advantage over any other conference of its kind. It also attracts stakeholders from across the aviation industry. In my role it’s important to stay ahead of technology and the networking is one of the key elements. This is a really valuable learning and networking opportunity - a 'must-attend' event.”

Detective Sergeant Neville Hay, Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Unit at Gatwick Airport, UK: “The conference is all about sharing information, knowledge and experience. If somebody can take that away and use it in their own environment, then that’s great. This was my first passenger terminal Expo, I believe I was the only law enforcement officer speaking at the event. I thought it was extremely well organised and planned. It provided me with an opportunity to see the other side of the workings and setting up of an airport, the environment and community of those people involved and chance to network and discuss counter terrorism topics. As a speaker it also provided an excellent opportunity to provide others with an awareness of Project Griffin, as one delegate said to me, "what a simple idea, but so very effective". Gatwick airport is the lead airport in the UK for Project Griffin, and is co-ordinated by the Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit (Special Branch.) It provides a cost effective airport community engagement project and we welcome any enquiries as a result of Passenger Terminal Expo.”

Fausto Matias, Head of Engineering & Maintenance of Lisbon Airport, ANA, SA, Portugal: “Very good. The conference themes were up-to-date and revealed the most important trends of the industry evolution. For us the bagagge panel and IT were the most significant.”

Tony Gollin, COO at Auckland International Airport, New Zealand: “Our presence here was really to present the results of a recent LEAN SIX SIGMA pilot study at Auckland Airport aimed at multi-agency collaboration to continuously improve the end-to-end passenger journey – and to learn from people who have had similar experiences. Another bonus for Auckland was winning two Skytrax World Airport Awards last night. It’s nice to come here and get some recognition.”

Anna Wrzosek, Commercial Specialist at Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland: “Back now in Poland after Passenger Terminal Expo 2010 and I wish to thank you most warmly for your excellent organization, hospitality and kindness shown me during my stay there. The opportunity to take part in the conference and exhibition is something I had long looked forward to.”

Ashwini Thorat, Senior Airport Architect at Bangalore International Airport Limited, India: “Congratulations to you and your team for the great show. The speakers, chairpersons and the topics were apt and delegates could really make the most of it. I have unfortunately not been able to meet you as there were too many good topics all throughout the day to catch up. You are doing a wonderful job, thanks to these expos the entire industry can think and act in a collaborative fashion to deliver the best.”

Kyriaki Preka, Project Architect at Athens International Airport S.A., Greece: “Excellent conference including the Airport Design as well as the Commercial Development sessions I managed to attend. Thank you again for the perfect organization.”

Uwe Kaschdailewitsch, Head of Conveying and Machine Technology at Stuttgart Airport, Germany: “My main reason for coming to the conference was to discover new things in the world of baggage handling, to learn new things, to meet people and to network, and so on. It’s always been a worthwhile event to go to of much interest. Once again I was lucky to share in this global high-class event!”

Gaea Vilage, International Sales Executive at Loquendo Vocal Recognition Technology and Services, Italy: “We’re here to meet the systems integrators, who would be scouting for speech recognition technology products. We’ve had a very productive time; it’s been very good. It’s an action-packed experience, definitely!”

Derek Moore, Associate at SKIDMORE, OWINGS & MERRILL LLP, USA: “Congratulations on a very successful Expo. Thanks for all your hard work on everyone’s behalf. The event was very well organized and managed.”

Chua Ching Hock, Assistant Airport Manager (Terminal 3) at Changi Airport Group, Singapore: Just to say that we had a fantastic experience at Pax Terminal Expo 2010! We appreciate the wonderful hospitality in Brussels as well!”

Catherine Mayer, VP Airport Services at SITA, USA: “Congratulations on another very successful conference!  As always SITA believes it is by far the best event of the year and we are proud to be associated with such a diverse, professional and rewarding event.”

Jeroen van Vliet, Security Director, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Netherlands: “It was a good experience to have interesting discussion with security colleagues from around the world regarding different security subjects. As a speaker I enjoyed the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with the audience. Furthermore it was a good opportunity for networking with other security specialists. The huge exhibition area was very interesting. Finally I would like to conclude that the Passenger Terminal Expo was excellently organized.”

Ruba Abdul Aziz, Assistant Manager at IATA, Switzerland: “I received very positive feedback from the project managers on the event, congratulations - successful as always!”

Dino Cifuentes, Airport Manager at Copa Airlines, Washington Dulles AirportIAD, USA: “I would like to thank you - I participated in this magnificent event at short notice. It was a great experience, and I hope to attend PTX2011.”

David Holm, Principal at Woodhead, Australia: “It was an excellent conference thank you. Key decision makers from all over the world! See you in Copenhagen.”

Luisa Goulão, CEO at Critical Move, Portugal: “First of all congratulations for the great Passenger Terminal Conference 2010. It was the first time I participated and it was definitely worth it.”

Marcel Plaum, Senior Manager at Fraport AG, Germany: “The conference is the best opportunity to socialise with decision makers in the aviation business and strengthen existing networks.”

Art Kosatka, CEO, TranSecure Inc, USA: “Excellent sessions, excellent content, excellent industry contacts.”

Jesus Angulo Gonzalez, Analyst, Iberia Airlines, Spain: “Really good, the place, attendees, exhibitors and speakers made the experience very nice. A great opportunity to relate tendencies with providers!”

Howard Ebison, General Manager, Commercial, No.1 Traveller, UK:
“An exceptional event, the essential annual conference for businesses with a vested interest in Passenger Terminals.”

Bruce Edwards, ICAO Fire and Rescue Expert, Deputy Project Manager, Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan: “The conference was a very rewarding opportunity to get people thinking about civil aviation in very difficult and challenging environments. It was also great to see old friends, make new ones and see all the new equipment and systems on the exhibit floor. Hats off to the all the people that worked so hard to pull off such a top-notch event”

Pawel Kolatorski, Senior Project Leader, Unique (Zurich Airport AG), Switzerland: “Better every year!”

Roberto Scolaris, Portfolio Manager, Amadeus Services Ltd, UK: “Where professionals take off!”

Chris Chalk, Divisional Director at Mott MacDonald, UK: “Upbeat presentations signal increased confidence in the sector.”

Vijender Sharma, Senior Consultant, Fraport India, India: “Excellent opportunity to catch up with the latest trends from across the globe.”

John Cable, Information Systems Manager at Melbourne International Airport, USA: “Come with us to Passenger Terminal to see the future of airline travel!”

Alan Craig, Head of International Liaison, UK Border Agency, UK: “An excellent border control day at Passenger Terminal Expo 2010. A range of informative presentations, keen interaction by the audience and well-managed panel sessions all made for a successful event”.

Doug Cooley, Vice President, Michaud Cooley Erickson, USA: “A great exchange of creative ideas and solutions for airport operations.”

Tania Baharyan-Pfeffer, Head of Passenger Service Development, Vienna International Airport, Austia: “It is the most wide spread conference in Europe, very good speakers. The exhibition was good also.”

Steve Wareham, Director of MSP Operations at Metropolitan Airports Commission, USA: “It was great to reintegrate with aviation professionals from around the world and see what's happening in all corners of our business.”

Jean-Pierre, Chief Commercial Officer, Cairo Airport Company/Fraport AG, Egypt: “All under one roof!”

Stuart Condie, Director, James Aviation Ltd, UK: “The session on PRT was excellent - covered the whole topic.”

Steve Wareham, Director of MSP Operations, Metropolitan Airports Commission, USA: “I thought the Passenger Terminal Expo this year was great. This is the 4th PTX that I have attended. The presentations were very good and there were plenty of interactive opportunities for audience participants.”

Al Lyons, Principal, Arup, USA: “Passenger Terminal is the best opportunity to network with friends and colleagues from around the world and keep abreast of latest trends/development in airports and aviation.”

Eric Youngquist, Manager - Claim Area Management, United Airlines, USA: “It was one of the best Passenger Terminal conferences yet. The audience engagement was impressive and it was great to meet friends from past conferences and make new ones. The conference pulls together a diverse group of interests into a common venue that really works at get you thinking about the future of the industry and where your company fits into that picture. I am already looking forward to next year.”

Franz-Josef Herchenbach, Director Portfolio & Innovation, Siemens AGT, Germany:  “The speakers and content of the speeches were great.”

Keith Holloway, Director Business Development – Transportation, URS Corporation Ltd, USA: “Useful measure of the future investments likely to be made in the industry over the next few years.”

Janine McEvilly, Conference Director, UKIP Media & Events, UK: “I’m delighted with this year’s conference. The discussions between the speakers and the audience have been excellent and many attendees have sought me out to congratulate me in person. Not only have we had another fantastic turn-out of well-known and qualified speakers, but the attendees themselves have been at the same level with the same thinking and the desire to move the industry onwards and upwards!”



Interesting and varied subjects, great networking possibilities and a nice atmosphere. It was a very good conference
Liene Freivalde, Director, Riga International Airport, LATVIA




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