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Gabriele Ruggieri, vertical aviation manager at Custom IT, describes the new printer launching at this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO

What does Custom IT specialize in?

Custom is a high-tech solution company that has developed printing and scanning systems, becoming a partner in the air transport industry and also in the retail market, public transport, banking, entertainment, and the industrial and self-service sectors. We started in air transport less than 10 years ago, but we are able to offer a wide printer range.

All our products are RFID ready. The paper can be loaded so easily that the agent can do it without looking at the printer. Our printers have multi-feeding – the ability to load three kinds of tickets in the printer at the same time, so the agent doesn’t have to change the paper whether it’s an economy or business class passenger who arrives at the desk (some airlines use different kinds of paper according to class of passengers).
Airports that already have our technology include JFK T7 in New York, Schiphol in Amsterdam, Rome, London Gatwick, Madrid, Oslo, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Singapore Changi Airport.

At this year’s PTX, Custom IT will be launching a technology to reduce misdirected baggage. How does it work?

IATA is closely working with all the airlines to reduce mishandled luggage through a constant monitoring of the location of baggage. Some airlines, like Delta, have implemented RFID technology through using Custom TK202 and TK302 RFID models in Delta international stations. We are introducing Veriprint technology to help airlines to further reduce the mishandled luggage rate simply through identifying an unreadable barcode during the printing process; in fact, one of the causes of mishandled baggage can be put down to the inability to scan the barcodes printed on the luggage tags. The technology we are introducing for the first time at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020 in Paris will guarantee 100% barcode readability at the BHS, drastically reducing the risk of mishandled luggage.

What else will you be exhibiting?

Custom Group will also show the latest developments in printing and scanning, as we are already a leader in CUSS [common-use self-service] and CUPPS [common-use passenger processing system] printing solutions and are compliant with all airport integrators’ platforms. We have introduced ID Ranger, the portable passport/ID card reader and scanner, which was created to improve security and efficiency.

What do you think will be important in the industry in the future?

Integrated data intelligence created by mobile computer and scanners to optimize productivity and workflow. Companies that can manage data smartly and effectively have a major competitive advantage. For this reason, Custom has developed a program with data intelligence solutions that makes the operator’s task smooth and agile, and provides an enjoyable experience for the end consumer. Faster payments, dedicated services, data storage and profiling: all these activities can optimize the entire workflow, with genuine benefits in terms of productivity and return on investment. Custom’s capacity to integrate hardware, software and services is a key strength, particularly when it comes to data intelligence.

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