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Eric Zanin, vice president of business development, security and detection at L3Harris, discusses the ways technology can make security screening more passenger friendly

How does L3Harris assist the passenger terminal industry?

L3Harris specializes in airport security innovation and detection technology. For more than 20 years we’ve provided airports and regulators with products, system solutions and services at the leading edge of technology and operational efficiency. Today, we are improving air travel by offering network and software solutions to ensure speed and convenience without compromising security.

Our integrated, scalable solutions enable us to provide airports with tools that optimize their operations and security posture. Our systems are designed with superior technology to significantly reduce false alarms (and require fewer pat-downs). The systems are certified to the latest regulations that allow customers the ease of leaving all of their possessions in the bag. The checkpoints we architect provide passengers with a smooth and efficient travel experience. The technologies we implement are scalable and positioned to detect emerging threats. Through a higher throughput model, we drive down the cost of security operations and improve the operating profit of airports.

L3Harris is also pioneering new ways of increasing and optimizing capacity in air traffic management and airport airside optimization. Our solutions support airports to optimize planning for inbound and outbound flights, supporting passenger experience by reducing missed connections. They also reduce costs and environmental impacts caused by capacity imbalances and enable pre-tactical decision making with alternative airport operations plans (AOPs).

What pain points are found in the passenger experience? Which do passengers hate most? Overall, there is a fundamental issue where the security experience is something that happens to passengers, in which they have little control or input. We need to create a shift to where passengers will be part of the checkpoint architecture as opted-in participants rather than ‘unwilling volunteers’. We believe the checkpoint of the future is frictionless screening, where the passenger becomes part of the security architecture. They should receive integrated, personalized communications and options to best address their needs and associated security risk.

Today, new technologies are supporting this shift to a smoother passenger-centric journey. Pat-downs are a particular area that many passengers find disagreeable. Modern technology and the latest algorithms on our ProVision2 people screeners are reducing the false-alarm rate and the associated pat-downs.

Having to remove laptops and liquids from passenger bags is also a major source of complaint. As airports shift over to CT technology, such as the ClearScan, we are seeing passenger feedback improve together with faster throughput for the security operations. The continued roll-out of this technology will make a significant improvement to the overall passenger experience.

What can be done to create a frictionless passenger experience?

As the pace of international travel increases, the overall security risk grows at a corresponding rate. At L3Harris, we continue to advance our technologies with a focus on the future. Our implementation of advanced technology has shifted our offering from simply products to security capabilities tailored to each airport’s operational and risk environment. By linking product capability with data from the checkpoint environment, our solution teams are able to significantly improve the security process. This holistic view of the security ecosystem provides security professionals and passengers with the most efficient, seamless environment in which to interact. We see a point in the near term where we can triple the passenger throughput at the checkpoint.
The checkpoint we implement becomes a connected and intelligent system that works together to generate value for our customers. L3Harris’s SEMS (Secure Efficiency Management System) provides a layer that connects all the nodes within a checkpoint. Its seamless integration enables management and senior operatives to have full visibility of the total checkpoint process, enabling them to view the relationship of multiple events as they relate to their security and compliance environment.

What will L3Harris be presenting at this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO?

At Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020, L3Harris will be demonstrating key solutions to help shape the future of the airport industry, including a full suite of detection and automation products and our industry-leading air traffic control management solutions.

At this year’s show, our SMART security software will be demonstrated alongside leading devices including the ClearScan CT cabin baggage explosive detection system (EDS), ProVision2 compact people screener, B220-HT explosive trace detection system (ETD) and SmartLane tray return system.

L3Harris will also be displaying the latest advancements in air traffic queue optimization, demand-capacity management, traffic flow management, and visualization solutions for air traffic management (ATM) and airport industries, including the first Demand Capacity Balancing (DCB) solution. In addition, Gotthard Börger, director products and strategy at Harris Orthogon, will be speaking at the conference about smart flow – balancing arrivals and departures with airport needs.

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