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ICM Airport Technics’ CEO, Richard Dinkelmann, is very busy: installing bag drops for the Olympic Games, and managing the company’s recent acquisition by Amadeus

Tell us about ICM Airport Technics. What technologies do you focus on?

ICM is the provider of self-service auto bag drop (ABD) units. ICM’s passenger processing solutions take the pain out of passenger departures. Our technology allows airports to process more passengers in the existing space, helping airports delay the big capital expenditure of building onto their existing terminals.

Our comprehensive range of self-service products covers a large range of client needs and budgets, offering both retrofit and replacement-type bag-drop solutions, check-in kiosks, as well as biometric processing. ICM’s biometric solution allows seamless travel through multiple touchpoints.

Put simply, passengers using ICM’s products can breeze through the departure hall from check-in right through to boarding, without complication or delay.

ICM places a huge emphasis on passenger safety and security, as well as ensuring our products are intuitive and easy to use for both frequent and infrequent flyers.

Our ABDs can be found at many of the world’s biggest and best-known airports, including Singapore Changi, Tokyo Narita, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly, Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong, Sydney T1 International and many more.

Tell us about one of your recent projects. What technologies were installed and how did it help the airport?

As Japan’s largest international airport, Narita Airport is expecting a huge increase in the number of foreign visitors for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. ICM signed a contract with Narita Airport in 2019 to provide 72 Series 7 Auto Bag Drop units, to be progressively rolled out across all four terminals in time for Tokyo 2020. We have already completed more than half of this installation, with dozens of ABDs already live and operational for numerous airlines including ANA, JAL, AF and KLM, with more to come before Tokyo 2020. So far the feedback from the airlines and the airport has been excellent, with JAL reporting a significant reduction in waiting time.

In the spring of 2020, NEC will be introducing One ID at Narita Airport – a system whereby passengers can register their biometric token – their face – at check-in and then use only their face at all the other touchpoints – bag drop, security screening, boarding, etc. This system will allow a much smoother passenger departure journey and will be the first of its kind in Japan. ICM’s biometric capturing technology, check-in kiosks and ABD units and Narita will play a crucial part in the One ID system.

ICM Airport Technics was acquired by Amadeus this year. How will working with Amadeus change your company?

We are very excited to now be part of the Amadeus family. Amadeus’s global reach gives us access to more airports and airlines than we could have achieved on our own, increasing our ability to roll out our products into more airports.

Our technologies are complementary, so we can now be quicker to market with better solutions, making us better able to meet the needs of clients. ICM has worked with Amadeus on many projects in the past (for example, the current project at Perth Airport), so not only do we know how to work together effectively, but we also know each other’s strengths and what each company brings to the table.

Our focus remains the same: to bring our technology to as many airports across the globe as possible, in order to simplify the passenger departure process and assist airports in maximizing terminal capacity.

What is ICM’s vision for the future?

At ICM we are constantly innovating to make our products better, smarter and more cost-effective. The pace of market adoption of self-service bag-drop technology has accelerated rapidly over the past five years, to the point that self-service is now considered a necessity for all current and future airport planning. Our priority is not only to keep up with this pace, but to thrive in it.

As the market continues to rapidly adopt this technology, ICM Airport Technics will continue to innovate and explore ways to better serve the airports and passengers of the future.

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