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Customer Name Country Stand Number Web address
Access IS x Z1.3040 Website
Acorel x Z1.3012 Website
ADB Safegate x Z2.5000 Website
ADELTE x Z2.5195 Website
ADP Ingenierie x Z1.2132 Website
AIA LIFE DESIGNERS x Z1.2116 Website
AiQ Consulting Ltd x Z3.3015 Website
Airline Choice x Z3.6195 Website
Airport Passenger Services - Spain SL x Z1.3010 Website
Airport Research Center GmbH x Z3.6178 Website
AirportCreators x Z1.3140 Website
Airports Council International (ACI) World x Z1.2086 Website
Alfyma x Z2.5120 Website
ALPHA-CIM x Z1.2010 Website
ALSTEF Automation SA x Z2.4230 Website
Amadeus IT Group SA x Z2 5020 Website
Amorph Systems GmbH x Z1.3120 Website
APG x Z1.5151
Arconas x Z2.5160 Website
Arup x Z2.4152 Website
ASA Plastici Srl x Z1.2068 Website
Atkins Shared Services Facility x Z1.2002 Website
AviaVox BV x Z2.5170 Website
bagchain BV x Z3.6142 Website
bagport UK Ltd x Z3.7080 Website
Baker Bellfield x Z3.8120 Website
BB Computerteknikk AS x Z2.5250 Website
Beontra GmbH x Z2.5232 Website
BEUMER Group x Z2 5110 Website
BNP Associates Inc x Z1 3110 Website
British Aviation Group x Z2.4070 Website
Casper x Z1.1045 Website
CCM Srl x Z3.7180 Website
CEIA S.p.A. x Z2.4005 Website
Cognitec Systems GmbH x Z1.3105 Website
Copenhagen Optimization ApS x Z2 4130 Website
Cowi AS x Z1.2088 Website
Cubox x Z1.3090 Website
Custom SpA x Z2 4150 Website
Damarel Systems International x Z2 4220 Website
DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH x Z3.6165 Website
DESKO GmbH x Z1.3150 Website
DIGICON SA x Z3.8100 Website
dorma+kaba x Z1.3030 Website
Dornier Consulting International GmbH x Z1.2084 Website
DTP x Z1.2110 Website
Dyson Technology LTD x Z3.7170 Website
Eezeetags bv x Z2.4195 Website
Egis Avia x Z1.1065 Website
Elenium Automation x Z2.4010 Website
Embross Group Pty Ltd x Z2.4090 Website
ESP Global Services Ltd x Z2.5190 Website
Everis Aeroespacial y Defensa, S.L.U x Z1.1040
Eye on Air x Z3.8110 Website
FeedbackNow x Z3 6115 Website
Fives x Z2 5130 Website
Flight Solutions International Limited x Z3.6100 Website
Fraport Slovenija d.o.o x Z3.7070 Website
GALIOT Aero x Z1.2080 Website
Gate - German Airport Technology & Equipment x Z3.7100 Website
Genetec x Z3.8130 Website
Green Furniture x Z2.5180 Website
Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd x Z2.4170 Website
Harris Orthogon GmbH x Z3.6182 Website
HITZINGER GmbH x Z1.3020 Website
HUB Performance x Z1.3012 Website
IATA x Z3.6180 Website
ICM Airport Technics Australia Pty Ltd x Z2 5020 Website
ICT.aero x Z1.3080 Website
ICTS Europe SA x Z2.4035 Website
IDEMIA x Z1.2072 Website
IER x Z2.5220 Website
Ikusi SLU x Z1.3175 Website
IN Groupe x Z3.7130 Website
Indra x Z1.2105 Website
INECO x Z1.3070 Website
INFORM GmbH x Z3.7072 Website
Ink Aviation Systems SL x Z1.3035 Website
Inpro Corporation x Z1.2125 Website
ITW GSE x Z3.6120 Website
Jacobs x Z1.3022 Website
JBT AeroTech x Z3.6110 Website
Kusch+Co GmbH & Co KG x Z2 5060 Website
L-3 Communications UK Ltd x Z2 4060 Website
Leonardo x Z2 4100 Website
LG Electronics x Z1.2050 Website
LPT-IT ApS x Z1 2090 Website
Luggage Logistics Ltd x Z3.6100 Website
Lyngsoe Systems A/S x Z1.2155 Website
Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH x Z2.4240 Website
Materna Information and Communications SE x Z2.4180 Website
missingx.com x Z3.7090 Website
mitab x Z1.3130 Website
Mott MacDonald x Z1.1035 Website
NACO x Z1.2112 Website
NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH x Z2.4030 Website
Nurus x Z2.4160 Website
OMK Design Ltd x Z2 4120 Website
Pascall & Watson Architects x Z3.6190 Website
PHP Real Airport Seating Systems x Z2.4260 Website
Plane Ground x Z3.8108 Website
plugaloo x Z1.3145 Website
Point FWD x Z3.6160 Website
Poltrona Frau x Z2.4250 Website
PrehKeyTec GmbH x Z3.6185 Website
Proavia x Z1.2130 Website
Ramboll x Z3.6140 Website
Rapiscan Systems x Z1.2065 Website
Regula Baltija Ltd x Z1.3102 Website
RESA Airport Data Systems x Z2 4020 Website
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG x Z1.3160 Website
Scott Brownrigg x Z3.7110 Website
secunet Security Networks AG x Z1.2082 Website
SEIKODO Corp x Z2.4200 Website
Servicetec Airport Services International x Z2.5135 Website
Shenzhen CIMC - Tianda Airport Support Ltd x Z3.7145 Website
Siemens Logistics GmbH x Z3.7050 Website
SITA INC UK Limited x Z2.4190 Website
Smart-Flows x Z2 5140 Website
Special Mobility x Z1.1050 Website
ST Engineering Electronics Ltd x Z1.1010 Website
Staxi Corporation x Z2.5230 Website
Stratime Airport Furniture x Z2.4215 Website
Strulik GmbH x Z1.3100 Website
SURESCAN x Z1.3060 Website
Systra Aviation x Z1.3050 Website
TARGIT x Z3.7120 Website
TAV TECHNOLOGIES x Z1.2030 Website
TEKNIK DOKUM AS x Z2.5210 Website
Thales Global Services SAS x Z1.3000 Website
Tower Charge x Z2 5050 Website
Transoft Solutions (Aviation) AB x Z1.2070 Website
ULMA Manutencion S. Coop x Z3.6170 Website
Vanderlande Industries x Z2.4110 Website
Veovo x Z2 5080 Website
Via Guide GmbH x Z3.6090 Website
VidTroniX LLC x Z2.4065 Website
Vision-Box x Z2.5255 Website
Vitra International AG x Z1.2100 Website
WO Airport Interior x Z2.5240 Website
WSP Global Inc x Z1.3170 Website
XOVIS AG x Z2 5070 Website
Zafire Aviation Software Ltd x Z1.2025 Website
Zamar AG x Z1.3115 Website
Zoeftig x Z2.4080 Website