CALL FOR SPEAKERS TOPICS Guidelines & Deadlines

To proceed to the Conference Proposal Form please read through the guidelines carefully and check (tick) the box at the bottom.

Include relevant practical examples, lessons learned and challenges, the research done to find solutions to those challenges, the solution/s chosen, and why they were chosen.

Our audience appreciates in-depth information, as opposed to only what is being done or what has been done. Lessons learned are extremely well received by our attendees. This should be reflected in the texts supplied on the form, as well as in the presentation or panel itself.

Choose one concept and speak on the development of that single concept from start to end, as brief overviews of multiple concepts have less value for delegates.

  • File types - photo: .jpg (jpeg). Minimum dimensions: 80 x 90mm (300dpi)

  • File types - logo: .jpg (jpeg), .gif, .png or .eps. Minimum dimensions: 100 x 100mm (300dpi)

  • Airports, airlines, authorities, regulators and government agencies will be given priority and can submit unlimited proposals

  • Any company can submit up to three proposals for the conference

  • Co-presentation proposal with an airport, airline, authority or government representative only: complete one form per speaker, complete the SPEAKER SECTION individually and complete the PRESENTATION SECTION the same for both speakers. Check (tick) the co-presentation box, adding the name of the other speaker each time. Please note: we may ask that only one person presents

  • Panel discussion proposal with an airport, airline, authority or government representative only: complete one form per panelist, complete the SPEAKER SECTION individually and complete the PRESENTATION/PANEL SECTION the same for all panelists. Check (tick) the ‘Is this a Panel Discussion Proposal?’ box, adding the names of the other panelists each time. Please state who the Panel Moderator will be in that box as well. Please note: we may ask that more or fewer people participate

  • All proposals will go through the selection committee made up of the conference director, airport and airline personnel and independent consultants

  • Each proposal is given equal consideration for the merit and timeliness of the topic, the experience and knowledge of the speaker and how it would fit in with other chosen presentations or panels

  • All applicants will be responded to between January 31 and February 11, 2022. Successful applicants and invited speakers will go straight into the conference schedule and be notified of their speaking day and time during the above dates. Please note that some speakers will be advertised from December onwards

  • For each successful presentation proposal submitted, you will be required to provide a single PowerPoint file (and any associated files) by Friday, March 4, 2022. If you are participating remotely, we will require a recording of your presentation which can also be made in PowerPoint, more details on this will be provided in February

  • For each successful panel discussion proposal submitted, we will create a single PowerPoint slide with all panelists named on it (for on-screen). Panels are discussion-only. We will not support any files for panel discussions

    We will not accept corporate profile-type or commercial sales pitch-type proposals
    . Presentations or panels must not include a specific product or service that your company supplies either in the written texts, presentation file(s) or verbally. Any company failing to comply will not be accepted at the conference