Health & Well-Being At Our Shows

Message date March 2, 2020

The following is information regarding our position and measures that we may put in place for our events given global health and well-being concerns.

As of today, there are 13 weeks before the Passenger Terminal EXPO show in Paris. Covid19 has been a headline news item and a concern to health authorities since around January 21, 2020, i.e. 6 weeks. During that time we can thank the Chinese authorities for their impressive containment of the virus but during the last 2 weeks we have also seen its spread in Europe. With 13 weeks to go before we open the doors in Paris it is reasonable to anticipate that the fear, risks and volatility arising from the virus will have reduced and quite probably gone by then, at least for the time being.

What do we know about Covid19?

Our information source is the World Health Organization (WHO) and the website which provides statistics on what is happening and the cases per country. The most important aspect of this that you will see is that cases of the illness are actually dropping. At peak there were 89,252 cases, mostly in China. Today there are 45,221 recoveries and around 41,000 cases ongoing. The containment measures being put in place – while annoying – are at least seemingly radically reducing the spread of the illness. It is reasonable to expect that, with 16 weeks to go before we open, if similar recovery levels are maintained and measures are incorporated to control its spread, Covid19 will be pretty much eradicated. Add to the picture the expectation of warmer weather (which may help stem the virus) and we really do not envisage any problem at all with our show in June.

What experience have we had?

In the week commencing February 24, 2020, we ran Tire Technology Expo, a 300-exhibitor event in Hannover, Germany, which attracts an international audience. We put into place measures that included airport industry temperature scanners in front of the entrance to the show plus heavily increased sanitation of all public areas; contact-free, wi-fi-based visitor registration; a process of self-certification relating to personal health and countries visited in the previous 3 weeks; and free-standing, contact-free sanitary gel dispensers in many locations. The outcome was a successful and confident show where people were entirely relaxed, operating in a comfortable and secure environment that created a good platform for presenting new technologies and developing excellent business opportunities. Similar measures in all or part may be in place for our Paris show regardless of whether they are perceived to be necessary. We have the technology that has now been trialled and successfully implemented.

Our policy can be summed up as “sensible measures = comfort for all”, which ensures that visitors can attend with confidence. I hope this information is helpful. If you have any special concerns or questions, there will be a response from me or from a person with direct and relevant experience.

Tony Robinson, Founder, Passenger Terminal EXPO