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Mobility for airports
Marcus Pedersen

Air.Go Assistant is the first battery-driven, motorized, height-adjustable workstation for airports. It improves workflow, offers an ergonomically correct work environment and helps airport staff offer a better service and assist passengers where they are.

The workspace is available for every CUTE environment on the market.

Many airports are moving from manual assistance toward self-service solutions. This is a huge change for passengers and staff, and in some situations manned assistance is still needed.

With Air.Go Assistant, staff can help passengers exactly where they are, while ensuring a more flexible and efficient use of resources in the airport and providing a much better service.

Marcus Pedersen is a Danish design company specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing products and furniture for airports and public areas. It provides comprehensive, integrated solutions characterized by high quality, aesthetics and functionality that correspond with the needs of modern users.

Booth: Z1.2071

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