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Cybersecure time signal for airports
Gorgy Timing

Gorgy Timing will showcase SCPTime – a solution for the proper airport time synchronization, transaction authentication and process qualification that will protect airports’ cybersecurity.

This innovative technology addresses issues related to the vulnerabilities of time transmission (e.g. GNSS, NTP, etc.) to ensure the homogeneity, resilience and supervision of airport operations through maximizing its technology’s traceability. The breakthrough technology enables end-to-end traceability of time signals throughout the whole distribution chain from the legal time source to each client device connected to its infrastructure.

The infrastructure can be implemented nationwide to: provide robust and resilient timing services (TaaS); mitigate the risk of dependency on the GNSS satellite system and the impact of jamming; reinforce cybersecurity; and protect digital sovereignty. It can also be set up in a closed network, where the owner can protect their time against malicious cyberattacks, get the highest efficiency with all processes that interoperate correctly and assure their data integrity in evidence management.

Stand: Z2.5230

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