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DAY 2: ViaDirect presents wayfinding kiosks

ViaDirect is presenting its wayfinding kiosks, named Interactive Kiosk, at Passenger Terminal Expo.

ViaDirect’s updated wayfinding kiosks are designed to make it simple and efficient for travelers to find their way between gates and terminals. The kiosks’ ticket scanner scans passengers' tickets and then displays guidance to direct passengers directly to the dedicated gate. The kiosks also work alongside the company’s digital wayfinding solution. ViaDirect recently launched a fully responsive solution displaying an interactive map directly on a smartphone without needing to download any application, accept cookies, use Bluetooth or accept personal information tracking.

“The Interactive Kiosk runs in 3D and in real time,” said ViaDirect sales representative Alexandra de Waresquiel at the show. “It’s also always orientated in the direction you’re looking at. It’s custom made for clients and can have as many entrances and as much advertising as you wish.”

Etienne Caro, sales director at ViaDirect Europe, Middle East and Africa, added, “The exhibition is an incredible opportunity to meet international players in the airport industry and to showcase a wayfinding technology that is present worldwide in over 35 countries, a 100% ViaDirect product. In addition, the show is dedicated to the consumer experience, which is our company's main objective through the production of sustainable technological tools.”

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