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The future of environmental monitoring
KP Acoustics Group

KP Acoustics Group, exhibiting with British Aviation Group (BAG), will present its pioneering environmental monitoring solution, eNView. Developed by KP Acoustics, eNView is a device that makes environmental monitoring simple. Supported by powerful standalone and cloud technology, this new system operates non-stop in any environment. It comes with three intuitive plug-and-play sensor bundle(s) for noise, vibration or dust. Just choose the combination needed and start monitoring.

The award-winning eNView has been designed by experts who know the challenges of monitoring inside out. It is robust, compact, low-cost and energy efficient. It works via a desktop app or eNView cloud to capture live data, backed by military-grade data security. With real-time alerts, users get to manage data and control the device.

Booth: Z2.4070

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