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DAY 2: Versatile beam seating system offers a touch of luxury

Zoeftig has chosen Passenger Terminal Expo to launch Vista – a brand-new, highly versatile beam seating system designed to respond to the needs of modern airports and passenger demographics.

Vista combines generous proportions and ergonomic design with an ultra-clean aesthetic and versatile construction, to offer a comfortable yet flexible seating solution for airport lounges, departure gates and other public zones.

Using opulent yet highly durable materials, Vista provides a touch of luxury, according to Ian Coates, Zoeftig’s design, engineering and quality director. “We’d all like to be treated as a VIP once in a while or to stay in a boutique hotel – so we wanted to add a little more luxury, through softer materials and a really stylish design, with a range of options that offer a distinct departure from more formulated beam seating systems.”

Those options include the addition of more informal social spaces, providing areas for passengers to congregate and interact in couples and larger groups; or protected singular occupancy areas for passengers who prioritize privacy and personal space. An option to add planters or privacy screens provides further opportunity to enhance the environment and improve screening and product zoning. Traditional high-density seating runs and stripped back bench runs with a clean and contemporary feel are also available.

“Our research has found that people like to sit in different ways,” explained Coates at the show. “Teenagers will sit on a bench with their legs crossed while playing a game on a device, while work colleagues might prefer an island unit on which to share a laptop screen. Vista enables all these scenarios, so you're not just confined to one seat type.”

Mains and USB power is available via multiple locations to ensure that all seat positions are provided with convenient and easily accessible chargepoints.

Visitors to the show can check it out for themselves on stand Z2.4080. “This is the best place to launch a product like this and to gather feedback,” concluded Coates. “Passenger Terminal Expo is the premier show on our annual calendar.”

Booth: Z2.4080

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