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Self-check-in and self-bag-drop series

Materna IPS will present its Flex.Family series for self check-in and self bag drop live at Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 in Paris.

After its launch almost two years ago, the flagship product, Flex.Go, is in use at numerous airports worldwide (Tokyo Haneda Airport, Chicago O’Hare, Toronto Pearson, Zurich). Its modularity and flexibility allow customers to use many different versions depending on their needs.

In addition, Flex.Kiosk is a multi-purpose kiosk for check-in and baggage drop-off, but also for printing baggage tags.

Customers looking for a small, lightweight version for self bag drop can rely on Flex.Drop. Picking up various design elements from Flex.Go SBD, Flex.Drop is intended to be mounted on the counter front. With a built-in bag-tag printer and a boarding pass shower scanner, one-step and two-step SBD processes can be realized
The Flex.Beam automatic scanner is an excellent complement to Flex.Drop. It can be mounted above the conveyor and automatically reads the bag tags attached to the bag. Flex.Beam comes in a slim housing that is mounted approximately 2m above the conveyor belt, ensuring perfect access to the baggage conveyor system. It uses several high-resolution industrial cameras to detect objects. Single mounted cameras are responsible for reading barcodes on bag tags. An additional stereo camera set can be fitted in the center of the unit to take two images of the baggage item simultaneously, both from slightly different angles, to obtain depth information. Utilizing its innovative detection logic, the Flex.Beam not only reliably reads bag tags but also provides advanced conveyability information such as baggage volume measurement and classification, multiple bag and tub detection.

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