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The future of managing disruption and operational events

Noggin for Aviation & Airports helps users manage terminal, airside and landside operations, safety and security, and critical events, all in a single integrated platform, providing the foundation needed to get up and running quickly.

Designed around international standards, with Part 139 compliance, ISO and other regulatory audits and a full range of daily operational functions, it enables users to easily manage critical airside operations, inspections, runway and taxiway conditions, FOD, wildlife strikes, wildlife management, aircraft movements, and more.
Airport terminals can seamlessly handle concessionaires, inter-terminal transport delays, flight and gate information, customer complaints, lost and found property, baggage turn-round audits, and more.
Landside operations can manage parking lot/garage status and inspections, commercial property leases, inspections, maintenance, public transport capacity status monitoring, and delays in key landside areas and private traffic for people arriving at or departing the airport district.

Airports can effectively handle any critical event, from corporate crises to full-scale emergency management and business continuity disruptions, with tools to manage incidents through the entire lifecycle of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

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