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Practical solutions for security checkpoints
Teknik Döküm

With 30 years of experience in metalworking, Teknik Döküm manufactures and supplies quality products for airports, such as tray return systems, motorized belts and roller conveyors, conveyor rollers, and divesting tables used in passenger and luggage control.

Due to its modular, flexible design, the OSTS tray-carrying system allows airports to create solutions for security checkpoint applications. OSTS can be designed for all kinds of x-ray baggage inspection systems and for various tray sizes, as well as with belt or roller conveyor modules according to the specific application and with different colors as per demand. The system automatically dispenses empty trays. Incoming passengers pick up trays from the tray dispensing station and move toward the security checkpoint by pushing the trays containing their belongings on the conveyor modules. After x-ray screening, the trays are emptied and manually fed to the collecting station, which then automatically delivers the tray back to the dispensing station via a conveyor underneath the x-ray scanner. This minimizes the footprint of the system and increases the throughput of trays. The OSTS tray-carrying system offers further advantages such as reducing the number of security staff needed, cutting the running costs and energy consumption of the security checkpoint, and contributing to a pleasant airport environment with quieter operation.

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