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Centralized terminal management

Successful airports already have large numbers of engineering systems, built by different manufacturers and from different decades, which all operate in their own individual silos. Recent events have accelerated the trend of introducing more automation and technology with fewer operational staff to manage and monitor it all.
The Terminal Management System (TMS) is an innovative solution that provides airport operations with centralized command and control of all critical engineering systems in one seamless platform.

It sits over the top of any existing subsystems, exchanging only the most relevant information. It is also a vendor-neutral platform, which means there is no need to replace or upgrade existing systems to achieve integration.

Systems that can be integrated into the TMS include control systems such as elevators, escalators and air bridges; security systems including closed-circuit television, access control and automatic turnstiles; heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting and emergency power generators; and passenger equipment such as flight information displays and passenger help points.

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