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New biometrics

At Passenger Terminal Expo 2022, Vision-Box will showcase a completely seamless experience from enrollment to boarding. This end-to-end journey demonstration will include the company’s brand-new solution: the Seamless Kiosk. This product was developed to respond to self-service use cases, such as enrollment, check-in and border control. The kiosk is inclusive by design, as one of the company’s main principles is to produce equipment capable of serving anyone, despite different levels of mobility. It is compliant with accessibility regulations, can automatically adjust height and is auto-illuminated.

The Seamless Kiosk offers a reliable and secure user experience with user-friendly workflow and powerful biometric face and fingerprint recognition, in compliance with industry standards. Its modular design and compact footprint enable multiple configurations and allow for optimized use of space.

In addition to the Seamless Kiosk, Vision-Box will present a line of products that enable a seamless flow at the enrollment stage of any traveler’s journey, such as the Mobile ID SDK and the VDesk for the manual assisted option.

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