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AI-powered x-ray security screening systems

As it looks into the future, XRC is busy utilizing new technologies, such as AI, to identify new and emerging threats. The company’s software engineers are testing new threat identification algorithms that employ AI for object identification and materials classification to assist screeners. XRC plans to incorporate these new AI-enabled features into its systems soon.

The company is also developing new disruptive products for aviation cabin baggage screening and remote service assistance that it plans to deploy in 2023, and it is working with TSA to include additional XRC dual-view systems, such as the XRC 100-100HCDV, to the TSA Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL). All of these R&D projects and efforts are undertaken with XRC’s singular mission in mind – to protect the world from hidden threats.

XRC builds traditional x-ray security screening systems that are known for their robust software and firmware and exceptional image quality. Thus, the company’s reputation is one of reliability, ease of use and excellent imaging, which is why it has TSA and ECAC certifications.

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