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Bringing intelligence to the apron
ADB Safegate

ADB Safegate’s newly launched operational platform, the Intelligent AiPRON, will be introduced at this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO. The platform goes beyond digitalization to bring a holistic, intelligent and sustainable approach to managing apron activities from landing to takeoff.

Intelligent AiPRON utilizes machine learning technologies to enhance the predictability of operations and bring the elasticity that is required to facilitate a consistent level of safety, productivity, efficiency and passenger experience despite any market fluctuations.

Thorben Burghardt, VP of gate services at ADB Safegate, says, “With Intelligent AiPRON we are taking the natural next step by integrating all the systems and processes important to apron operations into a single ecosystem that uses the latest technologies to optimize taxiing, docking and pushback procedures and improve the efficiency and elasticity of ground handling operations as a whole.”

ADB Safegate’s business development director for apron solutions, Ilya Burkin, adds, “AiPRON constantly analyzes the data in real time and creates recommendations on how to improve the turnaround process or mitigate any foreseeable irregularities to stay on top of on-time performance.”

The team will be at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023 to present the advantages of an intelligent apron, including live demonstrations at its booth.

Booth: 1218

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