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Bringing intelligence to the apron
ADB Safegate

In the weeks leading to Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023, ADB Safegate will introduce an exciting integration platform bringing a holistic, intelligent approach to managing aircraft turnaround activities from landing to take-off. The new solution is aimed at helping airports and airlines accelerate recovery since the Covid-19 pandemic and facilitate a futureproof digital transformation.

The company believes the next big operational gains will be achieved on the apron as aircraft approach and depart from the gate. It is drawing on its integration expertise across the airfield, apron, tower and terminal to create a connected ecosystem of processes and solutions that use machine learning technologies to unleash the power of data and predictability.

The new platform offers a modular suite of web-based software to optimize taxiing, docking and pushback procedures, as well as resource planning and revenue management, while improving ground handling efficiency as a whole. The technology uses an augmented intelligence, human-centered operational model to constantly analyze data in real time to improve decision making, mitigate irregularities and create recommendations to stay on the critical path to on-time performance.

An intelligent apron will shorten aircraft turnaround times and generate additional revenues while enabling a truly common situational awareness. It will also create operational elasticity to meet changing demand, improve safety and proactively manage the airport’s environmental impact.

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