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Remote lighting for aprons
Midstream Lighting

Many airports experience a lack of compliance to ICAO Annex 14 on the apron, and for many operators this problem is especially common on the remote aprons. When airports undergo expansion programs or apron reconfiguration projects, the floodlighting is rarely upgraded. This means that the original apron floodlighting installation has often become obsolete and is no longer fit for purpose.

Midstream Lighting has been a leader in aviation lighting projects since 2010, working with customers in over 50 countries. Its deep sector expertise, coupled with the highest-quality products, has positioned the company as a Gold Standard provider for airport lighting. Drawing on extensive experience and based on global reach as a leading airport floodlighting specialist, Midstream Lighting has used its expertise to design and develop the Mobile Tower specifically for apron applications.

The unique features of the Midstream Mobile Tower are based around proprietary optics, delivering a highly asymmetric beam to reach the minimum lux requirements, even at the back of the aircraft stand. By using specially developed optics, the technology can achieve ICAO compliance without the high levels of glare typically found with generator lights.

Another important benefit of the Midstream Mobile Tower is the ability to provide ICAO-compliant lighting design, which can be submitted as part of the certification documentation. The Mobile Tower is currently installed on the aprons in many international airports in Europe and acts as a semi-permanent solution for fast compliance.

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