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Passenger boarding bridge of the future

Hübner has advanced the development of its flexible all-around solution for passenger boarding bridges. Thanks to the use of intelligent technology, the Passenger Boarding Bridge Interface (PBBI) now offers even more safety, comfort and options. And, like the individual components, it can be retrofitted.

The PBBI interface swivels symmetrically in two directions. It has a folding canopy as well as a flexible sliding floor, which is available with touchless or soft-touch docking. Patented kinematics ensure perfect sealing and precise docking of the folding canopy – with minimal pressure on the fuselage. The system adapts to any aircraft shape – from small regional aircraft to the Airbus A380 – meaning the possibility of damage to the aircraft by the approaching bridge is greatly reduced. The system also offers passengers optimum weather protection. Passenger handling on the A380 upper deck is also possible.

The Hübner Universal Sliding Floor (HUSB) was developed for passenger boarding bridges which, like the nose loader, do not require a swivel function, but would benefit from all the other advantages of the flexible sliding floor.

Hübner has also developed a solution for passenger handling without a passenger boarding bridge: the ALBE passenger weather protection and guidance system. It connects the apron terminal or apron bus with the aircraft and also offers passengers defined guidance and reliable weather protection. The modular elements can be flexibly combined to provide maximum versatility, range and safety.

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