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AdvanceGuard for mobile devices
Navtech Radar

This year at Passenger Terminal EXPO, Navtech Radar will introduce the new AdvanceGuard Web Interface (AdvanceGuard WebUI). It brings AdvanceGuard’s fully interactive surveillance ground information system (GIS) to mobile devices for easier system integration and real-time information on the go.

AdvanceGuard is already in use in over 40 airports worldwide, providing automatic wide-area surveillance in situations where security is essential. It provides 360° field- of view, has exceptionally low false alarm rates and requires far less infrastructure in set-up.

With the new AdvanceGuard WebUI, operators gain full situational awareness and improved camera control from their desktops and mobile devices.

AdvanceGuard WebUI has all the functionality of the original AdvanceGuard – take control of cameras, manage alarms, review incidents, set user permissions and more – and now it’s easier to use where and when you need it.

Booth: Z1.2073

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