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Massage and recharge – a new level of seating experience

For many travelers, the time to relax begins after check-in. They look for a comfortable seat at the gate to rest and a USB socket to quickly charge their smartphone. In cooperation with Cologne Bonn Airport, Medisana has created an innovative chair solution that guarantees a new level of passenger experience and generates revenue for the airport at the same time. With the Medisana RSP 800, passengers can charge their smartphones and have a short time-out at the terminal by booking a massage. To activate charging and a massage, the passenger only needs to scan a QR code with their smartphone and select either 10 or 20 minutes including USB charging time. Customers pay per use – with PayPal, for example – and the time to relax begins immediately.

Apart from the attractive design, the RSP 800 meets broad requirements for safety and fire protection certification. By replacing conventional airport chairs with Medisana’s multifunctional massage chairs, the airport can generate positive value for travelers and, at the same time, new revenue for itself.

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