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IATA 753-compliant bag tag reader

The latest addition to the product program for automatic reading of RFID tags in the airport is the Bag Tag Reader from Lyngsoe Systems. The Bag Tag Reader supports baggage tracking on conveyor belts in the arrival area as well as at other strategic locations in the airport. Behind the development is airports’ and airlines’ emerging focus on having reliable real-time baggage tracking information to comply with IATA 753 and to be able to improve operations and provide improved customer service.

Lyngsoe Systems developed the Bag Tag Reader in cooperation with Datalogic. It features a real-time RFID tag reader with read rates above 99%, which works as a combined solution with barcode scanning or as a standalone solution.

Airports can install RFID baggage handling products from Lyngsoe Systems in their existing conveyor or loading systems; this is also the case for the Bag Tag Reader. It consists of RFID components, where antennas are mounted above the baggage belt and connected to an RFID controller that communicates with Datalogic’s SC5000 controller or directly to a baggage system.

The Bag Tag Reader sits on the Lyngsoe Live Logistics platform that provides full support for seamless installation, operation and RFID tag monitoring. During the process, RFID-tagged bags pass the antennas on the baggage belt; the RFID tag is read and decoded according to IATA RP1740c, and a tracking event with information is forwarded to the customer’s baggage system.

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