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Infrastructure for the future

Growing demand is forcing airport operators to deliver infrastructure upgrades that satisfy future needs and rising customer expectations. Building the customer-centric airports of tomorrow starts by changing how we think about them. To drive better designs and economic development, we must see airports as more than transactional places.

CallisonRTKL, an Arcadis subsidiary, recently designed a new terminal for Guadalajara Airport in Mexico, exemplifying the role of passenger experience, sense of place and stunning architecture in airport design.

The £1bn Manchester Airport Transformation Program handed Arcadis full program controls for creating new world-class facilities and customer experiences. In Australia, Arcadis is helping to develop master-grading and drainage designs for Western Sydney Airport, which stakeholders hope could become a blueprint for an airport of the future, capable of serving 82 million annual passengers.

Other airports want to optimize operations using technology. Newark Liberty International Airport is using Arcadis to turn traditional static reports into dynamic dashboards that provide interactive data for improved decision making. London City Airport’s £500m airport transformation is leveraging the Arcadis Gen Airports Industry Solution to enhance its asset management, asset safety, compliance, return on investment and digital capabilities.

Each of these projects, as well as expansions in other locations such as Aruba International Airport and Istanbul Airport, taps into Arcadis and CallisonRTKL’s combined network of more than 500 aviation professionals. Their experience in airport infrastructure, technology and passenger experience is creating solutions that maximize returns on investment and the value airports bring to the communities in which they reside.

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