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Autonomous robot teams
Adlatus Robotics

In addition to its autonomous service robots such as the CR700 cleaning robot and the LR200 autonomous multi-equipment platform, Adlatus is expanding its product portfolio with an AI-based digital tool, Adlatus Teams 2020.

Adlatus Teams 2020 is a man-machine interface, supported by AI, which creates a team comprising a human facility manager and autonomous robot assistants. The intelligent networking of the systems enables an extensive range of cleaning tasks to be undertaken by variable cleaning fleets. This can significantly boost productivity, especially when large areas are being cleaned. With Adlatus Teams, an efficient division of labor can be achieved: working largely on their own, the robots can tackle time-consuming and strenuous work, while the human members of the team monitor the various processes and focus on those tasks that cannot be carried out by robots alone. With a shortage of skilled staff making the role of human operatives more important, Adlatus Teams 2020 creates a perception of the cleaning industry as a forward-looking area of work.

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