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Automated screening lanes

At Passenger Terminal EXPO in Paris, Vanderlande will present its award-winning Bagflow end-to-end baggage logistics solution and PAX Checkpoint, its latest passenger checkpoint innovation, as part of its next generation of scalable solutions.

PAX Checkpoint combines state-of-the-art automated screening lanes with a configurable multiplex screening software to create a fully integrated checkpoint solution. Scalable and flexible, it offers increased throughput, an improved passenger experience and easy expansion. The process of moving passengers through an airport needs to be secure, seamless and rapid, and should deliver a positive experience for all travelers. Vanderlande cooperates closely with airports to provide the core components of the security process through innovative systems and intelligent software solutions.

Bagflow end-to-end baggage logistics is Vanderlande’s integrated approach to the total baggage operation at an airport. This encompasses the bag journey from the bag drop right through to loading onto the aircraft. Bagflow adds automation to the labor-intensive handler process, changing baggage processes from push to pull and using integrated software to monitor, optimize and control these processes. The total operational cost is reduced and the passenger has a seamless travel experience.

Vanderlande will highlight innovations in three areas. First, handling differentiation for hot, warm and cold baggage is enabled by Adapto Bagstore and Fleet Bag. Second, airport-wide integrated baggage control with the Vibes software control suite provides full tracking and tracing of bags through the entire process, aligns passenger and bag flows, and supports real-time decision making. Finally, the new Fleet Batch and Fleet Apron autonomous vehicle transport automates the ground handling processes.

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