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Software solutions for staff shortages

Optimization software such as Inform’s GroundStar can play a major role in optimizing staff to manage aircraft and passengers. Further, autonomous vehicles can support workers and address labor-related shortages at the same time.

GroundStar incorporates artificial intelligence, machine learning and proprietary algorithms, to enhance situational awareness, transparency and communications. Critical information is accessible to planners and workers alike so that staff can be organized and assigned to the right tasks based on their skillset and availability. The combination of staff and autonomous vehicles helps achieve significant productivity, safety and passenger experience benefits.

Staff shortages have been a challenge for quite some time in the aviation industry. The pandemic further exacerbated the problem. Unlike humans, autonomous vehicles are available on a 24/7/365 basis and do not require qualifications. Leveraging telematics, autonomous vehicles can be expertly managed with their locations and status readily available at any given time. This real-time information enables the fleet size to be contained, fuel costs reduced and worker productivity enhanced. Whether for notification regarding when to expect a baggage transfer or the estimated arrival time for passengers with reduced mobility, GroundStar is today’s solution for optimizing workforce challenges.

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