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DAY 2: Vanderlande signs baggage implementation contract with Royal Schiphol Group

Vanderlande and the Royal Schiphol Group have signed a framework agreement to develop a new sustainable baggage system.

According to the companies, the partnership will ensure operational continuity and further improve the working conditions of baggage handler employees while upgrading the baggage system. The baggage handling project is part of a wider plan to renew, renovate and further innovate the baggage basements at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

The contract was signed by Sybren Hahn, director of asset management at Royal Schiphol Group and Andrew Manship, board member and executive vice president of airport and parcel solutions at Vanderlande.

Hahn said, “It is fantastic to be here at Passenger Terminal Expo, finalizing the next stage of Schiphol Airport’s development. Despite all the challenges that the industry, and Schiphol Airport specifically, currently face, we need to think about the future. To create reliability, we need to overhaul our baggage handling system in a sustainable and innovative fashion. We want a system that is so innovative that not even one hand has to touch the bags throughout it. So we are happy to enter into the next phase of collaboration with Vanderlande, a long-standing partner. We look forward to building a beautiful BHS facility and seeing what the future holds.”

Manship added, “This is a partnership that goes back to the 1970s. We’ve delivered a number of projects together. What always mattered to us is innovation – getting a good, futureproofed system. Therefore, we are delighted to be driving automation, digitalization and sustainability as two Dutch companies, working together.”

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