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Updated passport scanner

Discover the updates to DESKO’s bestselling PENTA full-page passport scanner – even better, faster and more efficient.

Equipped as standard with high-class image scan technology, the DESKO PENTA Scanner 4X delivers excellent images with a resolution of up to 800dpi, exceeding the 600dpi official requirements of most law enforcement agencies.

In combination with different light sources (visible, infrared and optional UV light) as well as an optionally available coaxial light source, the PENTA Scanner 4X supports airports in detecting irregularities in a passenger’s ID document and enables complete document authentication within seconds. Furthermore, included power sensors allow for enhanced image correction and consequently better image definition.
A super-fast USB 3.0 connection speeds up workflows by a factor of 10 by increasing the data transfer to an application. In addition, a document hold clip is available to ensure improved document guidance and enhanced usability. Furthermore, the PENTA Scanner 4X is USB powered, which means it can work completely independently from an external power supply.

The PENTA Scanner 4X includes DESKO’s proven OCR reading technology to capture data from the machine-readable and visible zone. Further options include barcode, contact chip and RFID reading to complete the extensive functionality of the PENTA Scanner 4X, making it an excellent companion for the entire passenger journey from check-in, security and border control to boarding.

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