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Ground support equipment
JBT AeroTech

JBT is a global leader in the design and manufacture of ground support equipment, airport gate equipment, system and asset monitoring, maintenance, electric ground support equipment, baggage handling system controls and service, and military ground support equipment. The company is a single-source supplier for a wide range of aviation-related equipment and services.

Ground support equipment includes pallet and cargo loaders, de-icers, mobile steps, pushback tractors, cart-mounted pre-conditioned air and 400Hz units, and the LEKTRO all-electric towbar-less tractors. Airport gate equipment features the Jetway passenger boarding bridges, the JetPower ground power family, the JetAire series of preconditioned air products, and BagBuddy luggage lift systems. The company offers point-of-use and central system designs.

JBT has the technology to monitor virtually all makes of gate and ground support equipment with iOPS apron equipment monitoring and support services. The company can manage apron and gate assets and their use with real-time information.

Services from JBT include maintenance and repair of ground support equipment, gate equipment, terminal trains, baggage handling systems, building facilities and more, as well as full parts support, inspection and training programs.

JBT offers specialized military products including JetPower ground power units for virtually all military cargo and fighter aircraft – including the F35. JetAire military conditioned-air units include high-pressure/extreme-ambient (140°F) air units for fighters, compressed-air carts, bleed-air carts, and lower-pressure conditioned-air carts for cargo aircraft. Products are available as cart-mounted, diesel-powered, hangar-based and combination air and power units. JBT offers an expanding line of military ground support equipment with the recent acquisition of AMSS (UK). AMSS supplies military loaders, maintenance staging and coolers as well as commercial stairs, lavatory/water trucks, belt loaders and pallet movers.

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