New Products on Show

Two new technologies

Bagchain will present two new technologies at Passenger Terminal Expo 2022. First is the Bagchain MPU (Multi-Purpose Unit) baggage check-in kiosk. Fully mobile and battery operated, it features a large 21in HD screen, a combined passport/boarding pass reader, sliding platform scale and optional touchless payment module. The kiosk connects with the Bagchain cloud via wi-fi or 3G/4G. The Bagchain cloud has direct connections with the airline departure control systems. Operating independently from any traditional airport legacy system, it can be used anywhere. The kiosks are also a great resilience backup for disaster recovery.

The company is also launching the Bagchain app and a handheld mobile printer. The app features the same baggage check-in functionality as the mobile kiosks and means baggage can be checked in at any location. The mobile printer can print up to 35 bag tags from one roll and can be used by agents at check-in desks, curb check-in, connection centers and/or gate. Battery operated and fully mobile, the printer will last a whole day when charged overnight.

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