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DAY 1: Nooka Space launches soundproof office booth
Nooka Space

Nooka Space has launched its Nooka Air FireShield smart soundproof office booth at the expo.

Nooka Air FireShield features a self-contained fire protection system, smart access and control, easy payments, privacy, air ventilation and a customized mobile app to provide easy management of the space for a complete digital passenger experience.

This product is intended to improve the passenger experience while providing airports with additional revenue and competitive investment advantages. Nooka Air FireShield has been designed for airport waiting areas as it abides by the latest airport requirements in safety and security and includes a complex fire protection system.

Margareta Iancu, the international business developer at Nooka Space, said, “We are thrilled to be present at Passenger Terminal Expo 2023, one of the leading airport industry events, to present an innovative product designed for airport waiting areas. Based on our several interactions with airport professionals and on the industry-specific requirements in terms of safety and security, we have developed a product that integrates a complex fire protection system, and we believe it has no equivalent on the market today. Nooka Air FireShield has a fully functional fire protection system integrating fire detection, visual and acoustic alarms, and a unique fire extinguishing feature that works independently and doesn’t need external intervention in the event of a fire. We are looking forward to meeting the Passenger Terminal Expo community and presenting in detail our newest product.”

Booth: 1775

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