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Per-flight show-up profiles to optimize resource management
Smart Flows

Smart Flows will exhibit its per-flight show-up profiles that enable airports to adjust their resource allocation for cleaning, check-in counters, baggage carousels and other airport operations.

The profiles represent flight-per-flight passenger behaviors and help airports allocate their resources to meet passenger expectations.

The solution provides data on multiple factors including how long before flight departure passengers arrive at the airport and how they walk through the terminals. Equipped with this data, airports can move from static to dynamic planning, day by day, hour by hour, based on past passenger behaviors.

The data applies to check-in counter opening hours, load planning at security and border control, toilet cleaning schedules, baggage carousel allocation and heating/ventilating level settings.

Airports that are currently leveraging Smart Flows show-up profiles report large budget savings and significant quality-of-service improvements thanks to the new dynamic planning.

Smart Flows passenger flow monitoring SaaS leverages pre-existing data such as wi-fi, flight and PBS data to recreate passengers’ journeys through the terminals and link the data to the flights they boarded. The solution provides live estimates and historical data that enable airports to better manage day-to-day operations, improve resource allocation and increase non-aero revenues.

To learn more, visit the Smart Flows booth at Passenger Terminal EXPO.

Booth: 1145

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