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Silence, please

Nurus thinks of health as a holistic state of well-being, and designs its products with this in mind. This complete ‘state of well-being’ means integrity of workspaces, with correct calculations for ventilation, illumination and acoustic structures, while creating healthy designs using high-quality materials that meet the standards.

The company’s goal is to improve wellness and quality of life for employees in order to improve their commitment to their workplace along with their efficiency. According to the Office21 research, which Nurus has been conducting with Fraunhofer Institute over the past 10 years, the noise that employees are subjected to in crowded offices reduces productivity and has a negative impact on employees’ wellness. Failure to provide ideal sound, air and lighting conditions results in over 50 million cases of tinnitus globally, which means there is a need to redesign spaces and create personal spaces.

Based on this need, Nurus launched the new Calma acoustic pod, which will start a silence revolution in crowded offices. Combining the telephone booths of our childhood with the technology of the 21st century, Calma was developed by Nurus’s R&D team in the company’s in-house Acoustic Reverberation Laboratory. Calma distinguishes itself from other pods with its two-way acoustic insulation from the inside and the outside, clean air flow, high acoustics, clear sound quality, ideal illumination and technical details. Calma has already been exported to the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Chile, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Dubai, China and Vietnam.

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