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French technologies for sustainable airports

Proavia, the French trade association for airport and ATC technology, has created a new directory, French Technologies for Sustainable Airports, to highlight French expertise in this area.

Handling increasing numbers of passengers every year, airports are at the cutting edge of technology in many ways. Solutions designed to serve passengers as well as airlines, airport operators and air traffic controllers must be innovative, and the same applies to solutions that protect the environment.

This first edition of the directory identifies a range of innovative solutions available to airports to improve their ecological impact and energy efficiency. The products and services presented are proven solutions using brand-new technologies such as robots, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence that can help airport managers meet their internal and international commitments to sustainability, as well as the Airport Carbon Accreditation Program goals set out by Airports Council International. In fact, about 200 European airports agreed in June 2019 to set 2050 as the deadline to achieve carbon neutrality.
Whether in sustainable design, construction, maintenance, energy production, water treatment or waste management, French companies have ideas, solutions and experience that can be of value.

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