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Power up airport performance with data, AI and holistic decision making

Join Veovo at PTE 2022 and experience how holistic, smarter decision-making can transform airport performance, travel experiences and financial outcomes.

Witness kerb-to-gate behaviour insight:
Visitors to Paris will be able to enjoy live demos of Veovo’s flow analytics that combine multiple data sources, including existing stereo vision camera technology, to create the most accurate picture of passenger movement by flight.

The Veovo cloud software platform bundles analytics and rich visualizations to deliver historical, live and predicted insights into passenger density and flow by flight. It provides valuable metrics such as actual and forecasted waiting times, occupancy and passenger throughput. This allows airports and their partners to prevent congestion, minimize wait times and comply with service-level agreements.

London-Gatwick Airport is already using Veovo’s AI-powered technology to secure real-time awareness of people’s movements and experiences in North and South terminal security areas. This insight helps the airport plan layout and lane openings, predict bottlenecks and make informed decisions on the go.

As the platform is not restricted by proprietary sensor technology, it can aggregate and analyze people movement data from any source. This flexibility allows the airport to integrate and protect its existing stereo vision camera investments with new IoT sensors and data sources, thereby enhancing its understanding of customer behavior across the facility.

Experience the power of prediction:
Live demonstrations will also show how to bring together aircraft and passenger flow data with machine learning to predict Off Block Times accurately.

Explore better gate planning and contextual decision-making:
See how airports use real-time actionable recommendations and intelligent automation to transform their daily operations. Experience a new approach to gate management that uses machine learning to build more robust plans and support better tactical decision making. Learn about Veovo’s new Total Airport Score – which evaluates the impact of every decision against an airport’s priorities.

Uncover strategies to improve revenue and sustainability:
Discover how operators use Veovo Revenue Management software to forecast and bill aeronautical income, support efficient gate usage, create growth incentive schemes and reduce carbon emissions.

Visit Veovo at booth 5080 to test drive the latest advances in intelligent airport technology.

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