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High-speed AGV
Alstef Group

The Alstef Group’s BAGXone is a high-speed automated guided vehicle (AGV) designed to handle individual bags in a variety of practical applications throughout the airport baggage handling process. Whether implemented to handle bags-by-exception such as oversize bags, rush bags, transfer bags and inspection bags, or as a standalone end-to-end baggage handling system in place of a conveyor-based system, a BAGXone AGV solution offers great flexibility.

A BAGXone fleet is easily adapted to suit requirements, with seamless commissioning. They can cover short distances such as from check-in to screening machines and then from the screening machines to an early bag store or make-up carousel, or they can cover long distances such as a link between two terminals.

BAGXone AGVs are highly durable, with an average 30,000+ hour lifespan. They are easily adapted to meet scalability and redundancy requirements, and new vehicles can be easily added to extend a fleet.

The BAGXone operates at speeds ranging from 3m/s for short distances in mixed zones to 7.5m/s for long-distance connections. It offers acceleration and deceleration of 1.5-2m/s², providing highly dynamic responsiveness. Designed and tested to operate on catwalks, concrete, asphalt, steel grating and metal plates, and able to operate on slopes of up to 10%, the BAGXone is adaptable to the variables of the airport environment. The performance of the AGV fleet and its design enables horizontal transfer or dynamic transfer from above, ensuring seamless transition and interfacing to existing baggage handling conveyors and chutes for loading or unloading of bags.

A BAGXone knows its position and its environment in real time using localization technology and advanced navigation systems. Safety laser scanners guarantee reliable navigation. A BAGXone will come to an automatic halt if a person appears in the safety field and, when clear, will automatically restart, thus reducing downtime.

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