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Ambulifts of all sizes
Bulmor Airground Technologies GmbH

To promote accessibility, Bulmor has designed the FrontBull, a smart, compact, electric ambulift. This vehicle shows the same advantages in operation as the company’s SideBull, but its size makes it suitable for smaller or regional airports.

Thanks to Bulmor’s know-how, stabilizers aren’t needed in any of its vehicles, enabling docking to aircraft in only 25 seconds. This is a huge added value for airports constantly striving for efficiency and service quality. The passenger cabin can be fully lowered to ground level for fast, safe and comfortable embarkation – a feature highly appreciated by airports and passengers alike.

Although has Airbus stopped its A380 program, all international hubs serve the A380 on a daily basis and need their ambulift to be able to reach the upper deck level at a height of 8.1m. The SideBull XXL can be used for all aircraft types, from low-range aircraft up to an A380UD – all with only one model.

Bulmor’s vehicles are used at seven of the 10 busiest airports in Europe for PRM boarding. Last year, a SideBull was implemented at Chicago O’Hare Airport, the first in the United States.

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