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Easy air travel every step of the way

SITA works with the air transport community globally to digitize the journey and industry processes to enable the transformation of services and operations. As an air transport IT and communications specialist, SITA is committed to shaping the industry’s digital future.

SITA’s vision of ‘Easy air travel every step of the way’ recognizes the need to create a seamless passenger journey, enabled by operational excellence and collaboration among industry players. With a focus on industry data and platforms, SITA helps provide the intelligence and analysis needed to smooth passenger flow, track bags at every step of the journey and speed up aircraft turnaround. The company is investing in new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced robotics to deliver smart technologies for airports, aircraft and borders.

As the industry embraces the latest biometrics and identity technology at touchpoints, SITA will deliver a truly seamless passenger journey. From booking and bag drop, to border control and boarding, passengers are happiest where there is seamless self-service and automation. Combined with a richer number of digital technologies, biometrics will take us toward the goal of a seamless, uninterrupted and traveler-centric passenger journey.

SITA is also thinking about the future of baggage tracking technologies, and is working with airlines the world over to enable IATA’s resolution 753 and offer greater capabilities in baggage management at every step. The company is looking toward bag tracking, helping airlines to reduce mishandling rates and keeping passengers happier.

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