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Modular IT systems for regional airports
Adecs AirSystems

Adecs will use Passenger Terminal EXPO to present its family of complementary IT solutions tailored to regional airports. The most comprehensive of these systems is the company’s airport information management system with AODB, called AirLink.

Adecs AirSystems’ focus on regional airports implies that only the functions required for small airports are available. However, to make it suitable for regional airports of different sizes, it has a modular design. Functionality can be added by adding a maximum of 22 modules.

Airports with approximately one million passengers per year in general need only five to seven modules. As the airports grow, modules can be added when required. Because AirLink can be adjusted to the size of the airport, it has a favorable price-quality ratio.

AirLink is an A-CDM-compliant airport information management system. The system hosts, manages and disseminates flight and passenger-related information, which can be shared with all partners on the airport, improving situational awareness, helping decision making and streamlining operations.

AirLink is operational at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Adecs AirSystems’ partner airport. Dutch and UK airports have been added to the AirLink family. Recently contracts were won for Münster-Osnabrück, Germany; Isle of Man, UK; and a Caribbean airport.

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