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Secure airport arrival processes

In 2004, Idemia helped Australia become the first country in the world to use facial recognition at border checkpoints. Fifteen years later, Idemia is proud to have retained a strong relationship with the Department of Home Affairs. Since 2004, Idemia has deployed a cutting-edge automated border control system at eight international airports as part of the arrival process into Australia. This project renewal includes upgrades and next-generation solutions to keep the Department of Home Affairs at the leading edge of technology and border security. Idemia will replace the existing kiosks with next-generation-ready technology. Through biometrics, Australia is set to reduce waiting times to improve passenger experience while making Australian borders more secure.

On the other side of the world, Muscat International airport in Oman is testing a complete end-to-end passenger facilitation solution. From check-in to boarding (including an immigration open tunnel), Idemia’s solution is based on the iris-on-the-move technology as well as facial recognition. Passengers only use their travel credentials once upon check-in. After that, they can enjoy a seamless journey without having to pull out documents from their pockets. Idemia is delighted to take part in Oman’s futuristic traveler experience through the use of biometrics.

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