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How to secure and maximize your opt-in

Today, 51% of travelers check-in online using their smartphones (IATA Global Passenger Survey, 2019). But how will you verify the identity of travelers? An obvious answer is through biometrics.

Biometrics are the safest, most reliable way to ensure travelers are who they claim to be. A valid identity is the first step in the digital transformation of the passenger journey.

Now, travelers can use their face and/or fingerprint biometrics to register safely and easily from the comfort of their own homes. Using their smartphone’s camera and an enrollment app, they simply photograph their face and/or four fingers simultaneously. The facial recognition technology in the app includes a liveness check, allowing travelers to validate their identity securely. The acquisition of multi-biometrics is a breakthrough in terms of method and speed, enhancing security and adding granularity to the remote check-in process.
At Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020, come to Idemia’s booth and experience a fast and simple biometric enrollment using a smartphone. Once you’ve enrolled, your walk-through journey will start.

Booth: Z3.7050

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