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Real-time technology to improve operations
Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions’ virtual baggage service office (BSO) tool, SmartBag BSO, allows passengers to track their checked baggage and file mishandled bag claims right from their smartphones, eliminating the need to wait in line to speak to an agent. SmartBag BSO also allows airlines to reduce their physical space and streamline resources.

As the industry recovers from the pandemic, airports and airlines are scaling up operations while trying to minimize costs. SmartSuite automated resource planning (ARP) can help manage that by maximizing bag room assets, automatically optimizing and balancing flight schedules across the BHS. SmartSuite ARP can also reduce staffing hours by 10-15% and planning time by approximately 500 hours per site, per year.

The efficiency and accuracy of ramp operations is crucial for rapid turnaround times and to ensure positive passenger experiences. Optimize and empower a ramp team with SmartBag. SmartBag reduces manual entry and improves inbound and transfer processes while providing flexibility to fit into operations. For example, SmartBag Grouping allows users to create bag groups and leverage a rules-based engine to perform tracking, validation and bulk actions for all bags in a group.

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