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New features in self-service bag drop

To cope with increasing capacity and self-service passenger and baggage processing technologies, CCM has developed a specific set of innovative solutions, each one of which is characterized with unique Italian and the use of innovative and environmentally friendly materials.

Thanks to its successful 400 airport projects delivered worldwide to date, CCM has been the company introducing the concept of hybrid self-service bag drop - a stylish, bespoke check-in counter seamlessly integrating all the required features for a safe and secure self-service bag drop process.

CCM has been adding new disruptive features to its original hybrid self-service bag drop concept, namely “pivoting” and “hybridizable”, which provides further advantages to airports, such as increased terminal capacity (up to 25%) with no additional space required. A single hybrid counter’s granularity means it can scale up from a traditional check-in counter to a fully hybrid one, with no relevant infrastructure and check-in area design adjustments.

The passenger’s self-service flow designed from CCM is completed with the integration of the Automated Hand Luggage Sizer, the Baggage Repack Station and Biometric Pod.

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