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Digital twin to unlock the potential of operational and IT data
Dar Group

Dar Group is one of the largest privately held architecture and engineering firms, working with over 300 airports across six continents. It is committed to advancing innovation in the aviation industry.

Emerging technologies like digital twins are bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds of airports. Dar Group has developed Para, a digital twin platform that delivers actionable insights geared toward efficiency, waste reduction and sustainability.

Para is a real-time digital representation of an airport’s physical components, assets, full systems and processes across the entire lifecycle. It empowers stakeholders to integrate and unlock the potential of vast amounts of untapped operational and IT data, paving the way for cost savings and more productive, efficient, sustainable and resilient assets.

At the expo, Dar Group will highlight the value it brings to customers by cataloging and mapping the use cases of digital twins across sectors and regions.

To learn more about Dar Group’s digital twin solution, visit the company’s booth at Passenger Terminal EXPO.

Booth: 1314

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