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APOC capability assessments
Brussels Airport Consulting

With a firm belief that the airport operations center (APOC) is one of the critical transformational changes an airport can make, and drawing on five years of APOC experience, Brussels Airport Consulting is launching APOC/AOP capability assessment in 2020.

Benefit from Brussels Airport Consulting’s five years of proven experience in building and operating a state-of-the-art APOC. Airports can enhance passenger experience by improving the coordination between airport stakeholders. They can also streamline operational performance, and increase transparency and improve relations across airport stakeholders. The assessment can highlight gaps in the organization of general operations and the APOC. It will also help you decide if an APOC is the right next step for your airport if you don’t have one yet, and highlight the necessary actions to bring it to life.

Brussels Airport Consulting’s approach to assessing a (potential) APOC includes a comprehensive self-assessment survey distributed to all key stakeholders to provide a clear and balanced picture of the current state of your operations and APOC; a week-long site visit to enable the company to dive deeper into key aspects of operations and APOC; the ability to identify your APOC’s target maturity level based on your ambition level. Finally, Brussels Airport Consulting will outline a clear roadmap to reach your target maturity level, with a clear action plan to achieve a more capable APOC.

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