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Initial training and CT technology
STI Security Training International

In the last 25 years, STI has provided digital technologies to train security personnel in x-ray recognition. With the technological advancements in the field of self-learning systems and cloud technologies, STI was able to present new AI driven training systems in the last years for recurrent training situations. In 2022 the company’s focus will be initial training and CT technology.

Released in late 2021, OTS basics is the most technological advanced training for new operators ever created by STI. Trainees learn within a proven educational system called S.T.E.P., which slowly increases complexity and difficulty to identify objects in x-ray images and to differentiate everyday objects from potential threats. It is suitable both for blended learning and autonomous training alike. OTS basics makes use of decentralised Management 3.0 software and is able to be implemented in on-site classrooms as well as in cloud environments.

Continuous technological progress is one of the success factors for airport security, which is currently proven by the growing number of CT machines used. As these machines require an enhanced skillset from security personnel, STI has decided to introduce ProDetect, a 3D training simulator that is seamlessly included into its OTS environment, so all training needs can be met in one place.

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